Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Maradona on Messi and Xavi

Argentinian national team coach Diego Maradona gave an interview to the official FIFA website.

Let's look back at your time in charge. Is it tougher than you expected?
It's tough for the reasons I've just mentioned. You're always on the phone, trying to find out how the players are. Every day I meet with the coaching staff to find out how Messi, Aguero, Maxi Rodriguez and everyone have been doing in training, to see if Jonas Gutierrez has been playing.

Is it true you wake up at night with ideas in your head and have to write them down?
Yes, it is. Free-kicks, corner kicks, etc. For example, I want the team to press a lot more up front, to compress the space between defence, midfield and attack. And when we lose the ball we need to be on top of the other team straightaway. There's one thing Argentina need to make the most of and that's the fact we're much better in possession than anyone. Maybe Brazil have got what we have, but Italy and Germany don't. Perhaps Spain have had it lately too, especially with Xavi, who can lose a couple of guys and put Villa or Torres through. There aren't many more though. If we press hard, there's no escape for opposing sides.

Have you been watching a lot of football?
All the time.

Who have you seen recently? Has anyone surprised you?
No one's surprised me really. Teams are the way they are. Milan are struggling, Inter have kept it together, Madrid are going to change a lot with Kaka. He's going to give them an extra dimension, though I don't understand why Gago's not been playing. They should play him but he's still one of my first-choice players all the same. I've also seen my friend Ciro Ferrara's Juventus side. They're doing well, playing a typically Italian game: really tight catenaccio at the back, then they give it to Del Piero and he spreads it about. As for our guys, Milito looks to me to be in great form and El Kun too.

And Messi?
I haven't seen him lately. I tried to call him but it's easier talking to Obama than Lio
(laughs). I've heard he's having a good pre-season and that's great to know.

Are there any players who have surprised you recently?
Felipe Melo has been a great find for Brazil and Hulk of Porto has also made a big impact. I'm intrigued by Ronaldinho too. He's looking fit again but he's lost that explosive power he had. I'd love to see him do his feints again and get away from people. I hope he gets that back, but only after he plays us of course.

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Unknown said...

u see he's talking about hulk ....
good player we should go for him!!

Unknown said...

Love the fact that he praises brazil's players more than his own. Shows how he has respect for his opponents and not underestimating them.

Anurag said...

i still think if he wants argentina to do well he should call up higuain. that is one real madrid player i have great admiration for.

Iason said...

Argentina have lost thier spark and it is clear that players like Kun and Milito aren't working well together. They really need to experiement a bit more. I think they should play rather a 442 with Messi and Angel De Maria on the wings or play 433 with Mesi, Higuain and Zarate. I know these players can give them there spark back but Maradona is a stupid coach and he chooses to play on off form Kun rather than Higuain or at least Milito. Carlos Tevez should also be cut from the team. I know he runs and constantly pressure and wins the ball back but thats is all he does and even though that might be useful,I don't think it is worth him taking one of the big roles. And they really nead to start playing with Riquelme and Cambiasso again.

BARCA/FAN said...

two hobbits in the picture.

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