Thursday, 13 August 2009

Rossi agent opens Barcelona door

Asked about the situation of Villarreal forward and Italian international Giuseppe Rossi (22), the player's agent Andrea Pastorello has said in an interview with Italian football website Tutto Mercato Web that Barcelona is an option for the player:

"I think it is very unlikely that Rossi will leave Villarreal this year. With Milan there have been no negotiations. Juventus has sounded out Villarreal during a trip of sports director Secco to Spain, but it ended without any result.

The player might be willing to return to Italy, although he feels good in Spain. The asking price is nevertheless rather high and only clubs like Inter, Juventus and Milan in Italy and Real Madrid and Barcelona in Spain could have the means to sign him. And we are also only prepared to join a top club like these ones."

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Watch this video of Rossi:


Randal said...

Would be tooooo costly, also If I remember right ManUtd got first option on Rossi to reject a transfer if the buying club seems too dangerous to Fergie... Don't understand what kind of a clause to include in a contract that is. I guess Mata could be bought easier.

Randal said...

International Friendly Ukraine vs Turkey :
Chyhrynskiy almost could be held directly responsible for 2 goals... His lack of pace & reading skills led to one while his poor aerial defending led to another. I am getting to really start doubting him now!!!
Arda Turan provided assist and was involved in the build-up for another goal.

P.S. : Arda Turan's kit number for his national team is 14... Food for thought guys :)

IBES said...

No thanks, prefer Bojan over this guy.

bosnian_likes_barca said...

Good player but not so good for us, and we don't need him. Next year we can sell Henry and Hleb and buy Aguerro for maybe 25 millins, and buy Kun Aguerro. We could get him for abouth 40 millions, he already sad that he would like so much to become Barca player. Also we will have Kierson back.

BlaugranaIRE said...

dont think hes that good, average maybe. fergie would never have let him go if he was world class, which is what youve got to be if playing for barca. would prefer mata.

Randal said...

Fergie let go of Pique... I hope you are not on the impression about Gerard Pique Bernabeu :)
I say never judge on some one's decisions always. Pep wanted to buy Adebayor last season, look what happened to him in Arsenal last season. Pep wanted to sell Eto'o last season, he produced the best ever season in his career for us leading us along with messi and the likes to a historical treble. Dude, you never know who might turn out to be who!!!

Giuseppe IS good, but problem with him is his inconsistency & that he won't be available for cheap. He got an explosive shot though ;)

BlaugranaIRE said...

dude!!! fergie wanted to keep pique but pique wanted to return to barca and fergie couldnt guarantee him regular football because of vidic and ferdinand. he was more than happy to get rid of rossi. Dude. oh yeah, i know plenty of amateur players who have explosive shots which wont get you far in professional football if thats all they've got.dude.

BlaugranaIRE said...

hate that 'dude' shit

Randal said...

He's got technique... He's been impressive all the times i have watched him. Not just the shot but he's good at link up play as well. I still can't get over the fact that Fergie lost out on Rossi. But hey that's just me. I agree he's got a problem and is not the material for Barca, he's not consistent. Sorry, but other than that I have no knowledge that's against him.
I have another Fergie's such choice that I can't digest. Sporting Lisbon wanted Nani for Joao Moutinho in a straight swap this summer. After the Champions League final when Man Utd were clearly exposed that they lack a strong mid-field I can't see how he couldn't accept the deal. Agree Nani is promising but he was total shit last season. He could have brought in Moutinho and a decent/proven winger like Ashley Young. Imagine the ManUtd with Carrick, Moutinho, Fletcher, Anderson, Young, valencia, berba & Rooney... Sounds a lot better than the one right now for me :)

BlaugranaIRE said...

so your basically saying the same as i said in my first post, that hes not barca material.

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