Sunday, 9 August 2009

Live Match Chat: Chivas - FC Barcelona

(original post by OmarX)

Chivas Guadalajara - FC Barcelona
(Sunday 9 August 2009 @ 05:00 barcelona time)

Chat Link:

Chat starts around 02:30 am

Have you ever sat infront of your TV or computer while you were watching a FC Barcelona game and hoped you could share your excitement, feelings, and opinions with other fans LIVE as it happens?

We are proud to present you the FC Barcelona Match Chat. Now you will be able to communicate before, during and after the match. The chat will be available from two hours before until two hours after the match. In the future this could turn into a 24/7 chat.

The chat is designed to be very user friendly and just requires you to enter your desired nickname and join (no registration required!). It is open to everyone, therefore make sure to invite your friends and spread the message. If you encounter any troubles or difficulties please put them here in the comments section or contact omarx in the chatroom.

To make all this work, please keep in mind the following basic rules:

- on the public chat the main language is English

- you can hold private conversations by using the appropriate button you find below at the right of your screen
(mark the person you want to have a private talk with and click the button)

See you there!

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Unknown said...

hey Pep why are we not paying hommage officially to Dani Jarque on this blog?

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