Sunday, 19 July 2009

Report: Samuel Eto'o wants €10 Million per year

A report in Madrid based paper AS claims that the Barcelona striker and Cameroonian international star Samuel Eto'o (28) would have made a mega wage demand from Inter Milan in order to leave the European Champions. Both clubs have reached an agreement which would see Inter striker and Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovic (27) swap places with Eto'o plus a transfer fee. (read more here)

AS claims that Eto'o would ask for a 15 million euro signing bonus plus wages of at least 10 million euros per year.

Meanwhile, Sky Sport Italia claims the compensation package Eto'o wants for leaving the Blaugrana is closer to 25 million euro.

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Don Luis said...

I dedicate a song for Eto'o.

Money by Pink Floy

"Money isn't everything, IT IS everything"

Don Luis said...

pink floyd*

trez said...

I would dedicate a song to Barça fans who bash a club legend based on what Madrid papers say. But I won't...

Anonymous said...


U have my signature on that..

Anonymous said...

Dumbass, he could get out in a few months and collect more than that as a nice signing bonus. He doesn't give a shit. If you yourself had made it out of a third world and became a household name, you would have only been looking for your own interest, too. He has every right to look for his own interest. He is not a currency to be thrown around like that in deals for other unproven flashy jackasses that capture the imagination of jerk offs like you. He has scored in more CL finals than Ibra will ever show up to! He is worth more than that. You are no Don!

Anonymous said...

Eto'o really needs to leave...

what an unappreciative, ungrateful piece of shit...we should have left him in Mallorca back then...we gave him a great chance to build a legacy and all he thinks about is money...

I will definitely be glad once he has his bags packed and his arse is out of town...

I have always defended him...I still think it sucks that we couldn't find a common ground and that we have to overpay so much for Ibrahimovic because Eto'o killed his market value for us and has incredibly stupid demands...but enaugh is enaugh. He needs to go because he is a cancer, period. I wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot cancer stick.

Amar said...

for all those eto haters and lovers out there, lets settle this.

It is a fact that eto'o loves money more than anything or else he wouldn't ask so much.(as if he doesn't have enuf)

Also he is unstable in the dressing room.

On the other hand eto made history with Barcelona. he is level with legend rivaldo at 130 goals for barcelona. he helped us with 2 champions league trophy. he scored goals when it mattered most.

Therefore we should not judge him. we should stay neutral and stop complaining. eto can be seen as good or evil.

but i think his good aspect outweighs his bad aspect.

Give him the benefit of the doubt. lets focus on his positive aspects.

i think watever will happen will hapen for the good of FCB.

Anonymous said...

@ Amar

who the fuck are you to establish the "fact" that he loves money? Is that bad? You don't love money, Mr. Karl fucking Marx?
But you are right! We should focus on his positives rather than negatives that are terribly amplified through the media.

trez said...

"It is a fact that eto'o loves money more than anything or else he wouldn't ask so much."

One: if that's was the case, he would alrady have been in Uzbekistan or City like mentioned yesterday. Two: Money is important for every player. You think Xavi or Iniesta would have stayed if we wouldn't have given him them the serious pay rises last year? No, they wouldn't have.

"Also he is unstable in the dressing room."

One: who says? All his team-mates want thim to stay. Two: if so, who cares? I prefer an unstable dressing-room that wins the treble over a stable dressing-room that doesn't win anything.

Mast said...

regardless of what you think of the whole situation involving eto'o, don't start a fight over an AS-report, they're madrid biases and this is exactly what they want: make eto'o look like a greedy bastard.

they don't have any credibility, so please put everything in perspective.. we don't know what eto'o is asking, and maybe we'll never know..

Anonymous said...

@ trez

eto did not choose uzbekistan or city because he wants champions league action.
FCB offered him a contract extension but he wanted a pay rise.

plus iniesta and xavi are not paid as highly as eto.

then again eto's quality is undeniable.

Romyan said...

@ Trez & co.
we know u worship eto, we know u consider him as a god
but after all, we are barca fans here, if etoo seeks his own benefit then don't ask us to appreciate him as he is destroying barca transfers

Ziad said...

Who doesn't love money? We all do ... Honestly I don't think Etoo is doing all of this for the extra money .. I personally don't know his personal agenda but one thing for sure.... He's harming Barca with what he's doing right now...

This needs to stop... We have utmost respect for Etoo and we thank him for his contribution but barca is bigger than Etoo... Somewhere along the way things turned sour between Etoo and Barca so now it's time for everyone to move on ...

There's a lesson learned somewhere but seriously guys ... Over here we are Barca fans .. Let's concentrate on what's the best interest for FC BARCELONA now and let's avoid bashing each other

Anonymous said...

You are a fool to think that a player can outplay an organization, as a whole, off the field.

Anonymous said...

Ziad amen to that. if Xavi is acting this way even that he is earning less I would still hate him.

trez said...

"eto did not choose uzbekistan or city because he wants champions league action."

Thanks for proving my point that it's not only about the money.

"plus iniesta and xavi are not paid as highly as eto."

It's not about how much. I just say: if we hadn't doubled their wages last year, they wouldn't have signed a renewal.

JR said...

Some of these so called fans in here disgust me.

Eto'o and his agent have always said it's not about the money, and only the papers have put up these immense figures. If he was so greedy he would have been off to Man City and that is a fact.

Eto'o is one of the best and most succesful strikers in the history of the club, and those disgusting comments from the glory hunting fans won't do anything to undo that.

Anonymous said...

It sound now more like: Fc Barcelona Fans Vs. Fc Eto'o fans.

groga said...

As if you can't be Barcelona-fan and Eto'o-fan... I think it's more weird to be Barcelona fan and bash Eto'o.

It sounds more like:

Eto'o Bashers Vs Eto'o Fans

barca4life said...

Inter pay zlatan 12.5 mill a year so 10 mill is not that much.Arent we paying valdes 7 mill a year? As for the 25 million, how does sky sport italia know what etoo is asking barcelona for?

Anonymous said...

Eto'o > Barcelona


Barcelona >>>>Eto'o

Anonymous said...


Why are you guys debating on this. it is clear that everyone has his own opinion.

Truth is eto wants more money in a champions league team unlike adebayor who only wants the money.

eto apparently wants to take some kind of revenge on barcelona. or maybe its just the press that distorted the story.

eto should accept the transfer and everybody wins.

i still think eto is better than ibrahimovic in the barca system but he isnt the same player of 4 years ago.

Guardiola wants him out for a reason. its not really his skills that are a problem ...its his character. next season we will see a different barca with ibra.

barca nike said...

Eto'o is the second bst paid player in barca and he still wants more money. If Inter can pay 13 million euros a year for Ibra then i think they can pay 10 million euros a year for Eto'o.

ochtane7 said...

Don't mind them Eto'o do what you want,show them how it feels to be pushed around.You hold the cards bro.

They want to use u in shite deal,for a man whose owners realize that they both are on the same level.Yet He will cost Eto'o,Kleb and 40mil.Really not pleased at the moment with this kind of dealing.

barca4life said...

Etoo and Ibra are on the same level but they do not cost the same. Big difference. Etoo has 1 year left on his contract. Zlatan has 3. Didnt you see how cheap inter sold maxwell? Its because he only had 1 year left on his contract and could have left for free after this season. The same is true with etoo. He could leave for free at the end of this season so teams are not going to spend any great deal of money for him this year. His selling value has decreased. As for kleb, he is a loan if inter want to keep him they will have to pay us.

per said...

Eto'o vill be my hero forever if he stops this deal. I'd rather see him go for nothing next summer than have Ibra in Barça.

jordy said...

i'm afraid the deal won't go through because of eto'o. I don't think it's about the money, but he wants to damage the board for their wish to ged rid of him. the better the deal is for him, the worse it is for barça. but if he stays, the board will damage him by resting him on the bench.; so he needs to think about that to. I always liked eto'o but now it's maybe for the best the deal with inter goes through

x4xp said...

Etoo wants everything. He wants the champion legue, money and fame. That's why he doesn't want to get out of Barcelona. He must know that the club made him and that Barcelnoa is bigger than him. Without Xavi, iniesta and messi he wouldn't have scored that much and became that big name. He scores alot but misses 10 times more. Pep doesn't want that kind of striker. Laporta loves Eto't that's why he is not putting pressur on him. Etoo should respect the club and fans and move on to another stage. Otherwise he will be kicked out from the backdoor and he wall lose his fans.

barca nike said...

he should just leave like ronnie and deco peacefully, Pep said that they were not in his plans and they left but Eto'o stayed for another season, but this season he should leave without complaining.

BlueNClaret said...

For a player who chanted "Madrid, cabron, saluda al campeon".. He earns my respect.

On serious note, if this report is accurate, I think why he acting this way is because we haven't signed top class striker yet. Which means he has leverage.

If we sign Villa or Ibrahimovic first, without including Eto'o in the deal, he has no choice but to think and take this matter seriously.

blaugrana1 said...

Honestly how ignorant some people can get!

Etoo's career is playing football, thats his job ! If you were a manager and got offered a better offer at another company you will go straight away.
Ofcourse he is thinking about money (even though i knw this report is false), its his life after all..When he reaches 33-35, where will he get money from? A footballers life is short so they have to think of the money.

And a player also has to have some pride, i mean he is being traded plus cash for another player, so obviously he will not like that, just like any other player.

Hate it or love it.......Eto'o is a LEGEND, a Barca icon, he is no different to ronaldhinio, guardiola, rivaldo and dare i say it Johan cryuuf YES ! His goals gave us those titles.

Show some respect for Eto'o..Dont u guys remember: "MADRID CABRON!! SALUT ELCAMPION" - That alone makes him a Cule for life ;)

Anonymous said...

@ blaugrana 1

yo nobody is denying eto's quality.
if i was earning millions per year and i loved barca more i would happily extend my contract without wanting a pay rise.
but eto chose the money aspect.

i will always respect his skills and wat he gave to barca... but he should also be grateful to barca. he should lay down his pride.

u say at 33-35 wer he will get money? do you realise how much money he will have at that age? thats more than most people will ever get in 10 lifetimes!!!

c'mon eto is being a litle greedy. at least he didnt stoop as low as adebayor.

i just hope all theses reports are false.

Marc4barca said...

it's strange cause from my time here everyone always agree that AS paper is bullshit yet arguments start over stuff they say not even a zlatan fan like me thinks this shit is real cause if eto is aiming to save his image then asking outrageous wages and compensation package isn't going to do it, i know, you know and he knows nothing good is going to come from it so until mourinho or moratti come out and say eto is asking too much we avoid bashing eto.

Anonymous said...

You realize that, more than anything, Eto'o wanted a lengthier extension (e.g. 5 years), not higher wages, as a sign that Barca want him around. Knowing this, Barca offered him a two year deal they knew he wouldn't accept in order to make him look selfish and disloyal as they shoved him out the door. If someone did that to me, I wouldn't feel at all obligated to depart quietly.

NouBarca said...

Would Messi be offered same wage when he renwes again? Would it be within our wage structure?
lets be real Eto is a man of PRIDE. And anyman without pride should just die in shame. We all need our pride.
Barca want him out @ all cost and he thinks he deserves more 2respect". I dont blame him. And for all those saying footballers make more money than anyone else, that doeant mean you would want to stay on the same salary for ever. And nobody is thinking of Ibras value when we decide to sell him.
And I await the day Barca turn on Messi and treat him like SH!T cos we seem to be good at ALWAY sending our Heroes off in a SAD way.

I love Barca, but its the players I see when I think of barca, thus Eto is 1 of many that come to mind.

+ for the ignorant ones who think Barca made Eto, Eto had his abilities and he expressed it at barca. didint Maxi Lopez, esquro etc also had xavi, Inies, messi yet didnt score as much. Work it out

Marc4barca said...

i'm surprised a barca fan is waiting for the day messi gets treated like shit, noubarca you should retract that statement.

not all our heroes go off bad and if your thinking ronaldinho, he himself was aiming for the move to ac milan because the fans wanted him gone(i was not one of them) the night partying, the lack of commitment was his downfall. the football world is a like a flower you grow and flourish and entertain people until you die and wither away. no one can argue barcelona do things we might not like but why are we still barca fans then, only you yourselves can answer that. all clubs eventually have players that will leave in a bad way. this is a sport as well as a business, your under contract but you can still be fired and same goes for the players, your under contract but can still quit as in retire or buyout your contract. so tell me is it right for a player to buyout his contract but wrong for a boss to fire someone they feel isn't needed, it's heart breaking but it's life and their is nothing you can do about it. noubarca i don't remember a cantera prodcut being treated badly if you know any plz tell me cause i can't see barcelona ever selling messi unless he asks to leave.

i will agree with you that barcelona didn't make eto, real madrid and mallorca did, eto just came barca and played well with ronaldinho until that quarrel happened but that's long forgotten but he is leaving the same reason ronaldinho is leaving the fans in spain for some reason just don't like eto no matter how many goals he scores so once again barcelona aren't to take all the blame.

NouBarca said...

You dint tell me waht to type/say. Thus I aint retracting nothing.
And Based on what you said, We should stop buying players then and rely solely on the youth products. Since most of the bought players would go in this fashion.
And what makes you think barca and messi cannot fall out?

NouBarca said...

You dont tell me what to type/say

Anonymous said...


what wil hapen wil hapen. we'll have to deal with it. no need for justifying anythin.this debate is becoming ridiculous.
support barca if u care or support eto if u like him more.
ive got nothing against eto. but he aint a saint.

everybody looks for their own interest.

barca is not disrespecting eto. he is a great player. but he is not bigger than barca.

barca doent treat its stars like shit. what kind of talk is that? what kind of cule would say that?

players got in trouble when they brought it upon themselves.
ronaldinho fucked up his own career!!!

eto could have left as a hero. its up to him if he want to be humble or too proud!!!


NouBarca said...

Barca can F**k with people tho!! being a cule dont blind you. Y dont you all get on the back of the true Catalans (Puyi & Xavi) who have said it times and times they wish eto stayed? My point is that some people think its OK for Barca to do whatever, but players cant do whatever. At the end of the day, everybody defends his own corner. Thats why Eto is doing the "best" for himself. Good thing, you cant change that

Marc4barca said...

i'm not arguing with you noubarca. you don't have too retract your statement i just said you should, not that you have too. most people on here have alot of tension right now so i ain't mad at you.

based on what i said we should keep the youth policy going but not for all positions, if you realize our foward positions have hardly had youth products and thus it should continue but we should continue producing midfielders like iniesta and xavi is what i meant by my statement not that we should have a full team of youth players, it's hard to misunderstand someone on the internet so no hard feelings. i know to continue keeping 7+ yotuhs in the first team is rather difficult but that's something else no one is doing so we should feel proud.

as for messi, i find it hard that barcelona will treat a youth product of that class with any disrespect, when it comes to the youth players barcelona as a whole becomes rather bias. messi will be here as long as he wants. 1.cause he's a youth product, 2. he is humble and doesn't get distracted by the media hype, 3 he is faithful to barcelona and lastly the fans of barcelona will face the wrath of the barcelona fans and will send a bad message to future youth products and they must avoid that. until i see some names of players who were youth products and left the club on a bad note i won't change my mind.

Marc4barca said...

sorry made a serious typo

*and lastly barcelona will face the wrath of the barcelona fans* is what i meant to say.

Anonymous said...

why don't you move to inter since barca doesn't need you anymore,imo eto'o is too bossy and i prefer ibra though i know he also has the ego but Pep wants him and i believe he knows best,Eto'o please leave,you have already been a hero.

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