Monday, 29 June 2009

Inter Milan and Porto possible Gamper opponents

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona still hasn't reached an agreement with a club that would take part in the Joan Gamper Trophy that will be played on Wednesday 19 August in Barcelona.

Barcelona would nevertheless be in advanced negotiations with two teams: Italian champions Inter Milan and Portuguese champions Porto.

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Iason said...

Lets face Inter and see if Zlatan can really preform against the best team in the world and not flop.

groga said...

I'm afraid that in this kind of situations, you always end up with the minor team, Porto in this case. They might include it in the deal for Bruno Alves?

Inter would be a great game but we're already having a busy schedule with two trophies to play for, so I'll go with Porto.

Marc4barca said...

i don't think inter are going to accept this unless we have already signed a cf cause there will still be a possibility zlatan could be encouraged to play for barca by experiencing a beating first hand and they got trounced the last time they played us. ribery experienced a beating first hand and wanted to come barca but since real got kaka and ronaldo he suddenly wants to go real madrid. well this is just wild speculation, barca will never wait till august to make signings.

shanewhitehouse said...

read this
do you think barca will buy him

Marc4barca said...

barca should buy him. if they are making the squad shorter upfront then it is only natural to make taller at the back. bruno alves is one of the best ariel players in the world.

Anonymous said...

But we played Inter in the Gamper just 2 years ago. I say bring an english club. :)

Anonymous said...

i say bring on real madrid lol it would be a good game but it would never happen

said said...

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pep said...

My religion forbids me to visit Real Madrid blogs, said. I'm sorry.

shanewhitehouse said...

well said pep your a barca legand you are great and great blog thanks for this blog I visit it about 50 times a aday one week it said I visited 480 time I love this site I visit it first thing when I wake up thanks pep and never stop this blog!!!!!!!!

pep said...

Hmmmmm... we should start a competition for people who visits this blog the most.

xaviesta said...

Inter again?
Would be nice to see Arsenal,Chelsea or Juve.

shanewhitehouse said...

I think I would win pep lol:)
keep the blog up thanks so much you have learned me so much about barca as I hear nothing living in Ireland!

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