Tuesday, 21 July 2009

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Ibrahimovic will fly directly from los Angeles to Barcelona

The agent of Eto'o is already negotiating his new contract with Inter


Guardiola acknowledges the exit of Eto'o

The coach praises the player but explains that he doesn't want him because of a personal "feeling"


Mahi said...

Good bye Eto'o and welcome Ibra

Loos said...

I trust Pep, and his decisions! However, I did not like the reason behind pushing Eto'o out!
I hope our market activities are not all based on feelings!

Anonymous said...

Guardiola has lost points here. But he'll has the chance to win everything back this season.

bob said...

don't know whether it's possible to win treble again but i am damn sure we will win atleast spanish league or UCL again this season

Milo said...

I'm a little more pesimistic, but even if Madrid take La Liga to play in the Bernabeu Final would be a stake through their heart. :))

Anonymous said...

"I trust Pep, and his decisions! However, I did not like the reason behind pushing Eto'o out!"

Pep has good reasons, believe me. It's just that he's too smart to say those things in press conference. We will probably never exactly know, why he decided that, but it's his choice and we must respect it.

Thank you for everything, Sammy and
Welcome Ibra

Milo said...

Athens, Istanbul, Moscow... no Barca

Paris, Rome... Barca. Why not Madrid? :))

Loos said...

Anonymous, I hope it is not just about feelings, and Pep should have his reasons that he didn't (want to) say!
So, we're all hoping that the incoming Ibra brings positive and valuable additions both on and off the pitch, knowing that he'd be very motivated for a CL win (in addition to playing with Messi)
Let's hope this transfer goes on smoothly, so that we start looking for other players. Remember we still need a LW, DM and a CB, of course depending on the departing players.

Areign said...

if you dont want pep to make descisions based on feelings, what do you want him to base them on? this isnt football manager, you cant say oh this guy has higher stats he will be better, he has scored more goals he will continue. real life descisions are just predictions, which are based partly on data but also on feelings. look at how eto did in the last month of play, he was complete shit until the CL final. couldnt hit a barn door despite tons of golden opportunities. he sees zlatan with only 5 fewer goals on service that is far worse and feels good about that. its all feelings, sometimes they are wrong like with hleb, other times they are right, like with pretty much everything else. i trust him, i think ibra will be a good fit. i have a feelings.

Anonymous said...

Pep hates afro-americans...lol

He doesn't have the best relation to Abidal, Toure and Eto'o...

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