Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Cased closed: Santos

Corinthians left back and Brazilian international Andre Santos (26) will not play for Barcelona as of the coming season. Santos had previously been linked to Barcelona as an alternative option to Deportivo left back Filipe Luis (23) (read more here).

Fenerbahce has officially announced the transfer of Andres Santos on its official website.

Details of the deal are yet to be released. Corinthians defensive midfielder Cristian Oliveira Baroni is also included in the agreement and would also join Fenerbahce.

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alexxx666 said...

I think we got a much better player with euro and big club experience in Maxwell. And at a bargain too.

BarcaFan(BiH) said...

I agree alexxx666

Hobby said...

Who needs Santos, when we have Abidal and Maxwell

Keenan said...

GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't like his FACE =D

Iason said...

Fenerbahce is a step down from Corinthians, even if it is in Europe.

Harsha said...

I feel bad for the brazilian clubs ... they have everything except MONEY ... otherwise they would have ruled the club football just with their homegrown players. (ofcourse we woundnt have got players like rivaldo,ronaldinho loll)

tero said...

He played rather well in Conf.Cup but we got Maxwell so cheap I don't mind him going

Anonymous said...

Don't know how to get this posted..


per said...

Excellent in Confed. Cup. Still I think Maxwell is a better player, and probably cheaper aswell.

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