Sunday, 19 July 2009

Barcelona VP: "More signings will follow"

Asked about the activity in the remainder of the transfer season, Barcelona Marketing Vice President Jaume Ferrer confirmed to Catalan radio station Catalunya Ràdio that they are working are working hard signing new players:

"The club's technicians are working to make more additions, but at the moment it is not easy.

Everything depends on us reaching agreements with particular clubs and that the prices are suitable to us."

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Anonymous said...

To be honest, If we get Ibra we don't really NEED to sign anyone else as we got Maxwell to cover the LB and LW and CDM role will Henrique fill in CB also, Milito aswell with Puyol filling in for RB. We 'might' need another midfielder to cover for iniesta/xavi and we'll bag us every cup we can get!

Barca nerd-fan said...

If the Ibra deal goes through, then we need to sign a RWF(because Hleb will be in the deal) and a CM. For RWF, I think we should get Hulk from Porto, he can play anywhere in the front three position really well. He is strong, have decent pace and great technique, he is so good with the ball! Everytime he turns he will do something special. As for CM, Veloso or Gourcuff would be the best options. Veloso can play as DM and CM, this means he can replace Yaya when Yaya is gone to ACN. Veloso has got great technique and passes, and also he is brilliant at freekicks! Gourcuff is a rising star who has excellent skills, he is the next Zidane.

Anonymous said...

Maxwell is one man and not superman. We still need more players for a crazy season. We need more subs and rotation players. Think about it this way, the Madrid we faced last year will be on the bench backing up a new team. They have a quality bench now and that is what we need.


João Moutinho to cover for Xavi/Iniesta and we will be set for the next few season regarding the midfield.

Engineer said...

You can't buy Gourcuff, he signed for Bourdeaux earlier this year..

Engineer said...

And also, I forgot to add - my opinion on our potential midfield targets.

A dream scenario for me would be to get Fabregas since that allows a whole lot of rotation options, but I think this is pretty unlikely.

Hernanes is another good candidate, he's extremely versatile, can play adequately at center midfield, attacking midfield, left wing, right wing and also as a defensive midfielder.

We have also scouted him before, and apparently we we're quite "close" to capturing him last season. But I don't know if we're still interested in him and would he choose us over Milan who have expressed their interest?

koko=barca said...

Guys forget about Gourcuff. He already made one transfer this summer. We need a back-up player, someone who will be satisfied with that role. I guess someone from the spanish league will do good. I don't want to see Iniesta replacing Henry on the flank when he is injured because we don't have the proper sub for Iniesta yet.

E said...

Guys, we dont need any more signings, we have a great youth!! Promote Victor Vazquez for the attacking midfielder position, to cover Xavi/Iniesta/Gudjohnsen...also promote Gai, to cover the left/right wing

Anonymous said...

volsco is a good fit plus we a cb i think we should b.alves and good lw and ribery deal look like its not in the making.barca4life

barca4life said...

Gourcuff cannot transfer twice in the same window so he is out. If keirison does come we have gotten rid of hleb so we have 2 non-eu spots as yaya is no longer takes non-eu spot due to the new ruling about players from africa and the caribbean.

We need some cover in CM (possiblly poulsen on loan would be great).

Our squad could look something like

GK : Valdes Pinto Jorquera

Def : Dani Puyol Henrique Pique Marquez Abidal Maxwell and Chygrynskiy/Bruno Alves/Muniesa/Fontas

Mid : Xavi Iniesta Toure Keita Busquets Thiago and Poulsen

Fow : Messi Ibrahimovic Henry Bojan Keirrison Jeffren/Gai

with the possible addition of Cesc or a LW.

Anonymous said...

i think the squad will look like this
GK: V. Valdes, Pinto/Jorquera
RB:Alves, Henrique (he can play on the right)
CB:Puyol,Pique,Marquez,Milito,Muniesa(if he will play in the 1st squad)
LB: Abidal, Maxwell
RM: Xavi, Jeffren
CM: Toure, Busquets, Poulsen, (If he will come)
LM: Iniesta, Keita, Gai (if he will play in the first squad
RF: Messi, Pedro
CF: Ibrahimovic,Keirrison
LF: Henry, Bojan
this will be perfect for each position 2 players. it seems it will be like this. hope so

Iason said...

Right now, we have Henry, Iniesta, Bojan, Jeffren and maybe Zlatan who can play RW, while we only have Messi and maybe Pedro who play RW. People only want LWingers because Iniesta got injured a lot last season and Messi never got injured. We need more RW!

Iason said...

**Right now, we have Henry, Iniesta, Bojan, Jeffren and maybe Zlatan who can play LW**

barca4life said...

I think jeffren and bojan can cover both wings Iason as well as iniesta.

Anonymous said...

Any opinions on Joe Cole? He could play any where in the front line... It seems Chelshit want to off-load him so would come very cheap. Also since he's returning from a pro-longed injury won't be a pain in the ass for rotation.
My opinion : When in form Joe Cole is deadly. Since he might come for cheap, England are desperately in his need, just go for him. He's worth it.

tero said...

No Joe Cole,please...I think we mostly need a versatile midfielder right now.Hernanes sounds good but he's not going cheap.Gourcuff is not an option anymore.Fabregas is too expensive and might come next summer.Veloso sounds good,but is Sporting letting him go cheap? 10-15M should be a limit.This guy has been in ManU rumours since 2007,why haven't they signed him already?About youth products,IMO Thiago is much better than Vasquez...

Xaviniesta said...

what happened to keirrison? i thought we signed him already.

Manolo said...

We need a midfielder and a attacker!
Guddy and hleb is going and pep said he ´wanted a larger squad this year wich he only going to get if he promotes..

Cover the Guddy and Hleb's place with one central midfielder:
Moutinho or Arteta. Arteta is older but have more experience and he's also a Barça product!

But who will be the winger?
I think Mata have the potential and loads of talent but he's 21 (?) and one of our youth player could easily be as good as him.
Buy a experience.
Then promote Gai,Thiago, Jeffren and Miño.
Send Pedro on a loan to a mid table team in spain

Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but i'm giving barca more and more chance to sign Ribery.. Bayern will never sell him to RM after what happened, they might even be prepared to sell him to barca for a lower price.. Because an unhappy player is usually a bad one.

Don't know if i still want him, don't know the truth about his RM-statements.

He would be great tho, could play LW & AM.. Problem is, if we buy him, there will be no money left for a CB or DM (loans..)

This would be a good deal

Sign Carvalho from chelsea (not expensive)
Loan Poulsen (knows the league, won't mind being back-up, imo talented enough to be back-up)
Sign Ribery: AM & LW

Barca>madrid said...

NO ribery his manager and zidan are pushing for him to go to Madrid even though people say hes a barca fan i get confused Henry said Ribery has a barca shit at home

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