Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Barcelona can spend 30-35 million this summer

Asked about the coming transfer summer, Barcelona marketing vice-president Jaume Ferrer has said in an interview with Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo that the club can at least spend 30 million euro this summer:

"We can spend more or less the same amount as other years, around 30-35 million euro° plus the transfer fees we receive. Although in the end it will depend on what the team needs. If Pep asks us to sign a player, we'll do an effort and we'll bring him in.

Although we cannot say that the global crisis doesn't affect us, the effect is only minor. We're not considering to sell a player to balance the books. We can sell players but only if the coaches ask for it. If they say a player has to stay, we'll do everything possible for him to stay."

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pep said...

30-35 million euro =

40-46 million us dollar
27,5-32 million british pound

noubarca said...

Good. let Pep call the shots...

Anonymous said...

how many players can we buy with that

tero said...

Ribery only costs more than 20 million even if we did the Hleb+cash-deal

Aussie Barca Fan said...

If Eto'o leaves that's at least another 20 million. Guddy about 5 million and Hleb about 10-15 million. Valdes another 10-15 million. We could be sitting on a war chest of about 70 million without selling Valdes and possibly 80-85 with his sale. Now who can we buy with the money?? Ribery 30 million, Villa 25 million. Zhrikov 15 million. That's about 70 million or replacing Eto'o, Hleb and Guddy. If Valdes goes, we will need another 20 for Cech. That's it, 90 million should cover it all lol. We end up 10 million over budget if Valdes leave and if he doesn't we balance the books hee hee.

Nikola said...

Aussie Barca fan you are talking nonsense dude. Ribery 30 mil??? Villa 25 mill??? it is to easy for every big club. Eto'o 20 mill??? no can do. I must disagree with your comment.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Nicola how much do you expect Ribery to go for?? And Villa?? Valencia are in financial trouble and if Ribery pushes Bayern they will have to sell him. He won't go for more than 30 mil. Eto'o has only 1 more year left on his contract. How much do you think we can get out of him 100m?? Be realistic here. Every player has his price just look at Ronnie last year.

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