Saturday, 25 July 2009

Video: Messi gives Barça 'pep' talk

Note: Video from


barca nike said...

I'm sure Barca will continue to play "Total Football" like they used to do last season.amzaing. Visa el Barca

H said...

can someone please tell me what this report means .
google translates things like my one eyed great great grandfather.

Je me'appelle Samuel said...

@hamid ali... I'm Paraphrasing. It says Barcelona is renewing a line of credit it has with a trust in spain that compromises of 8 banks. The reason for the renewal of credit is to ease concerns that the FCB treasury has in regards to upcoming payments. Some of the payments they list are the bonuses, transfers, and some sort of payment that FCB owes to Sogecable (60 million Euro) 30 of which have been covered from a lawsuit against Audiovisual Sport and Catalan television.

H said...

thanks a lot samuel

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