Monday, 20 July 2009

Poll Result: Next season's left back

This is the result of this blog's Who should be next season's first-choice left back? poll:

45% Should rotate
37% Maxwell
14% Abidal
8% Don't know


Don Luis said...

You can tell the person who voted that knows about football and the ones who dont.

You do not start with two very attacking full backs. I will be holding my breath when the opposing team is on a counter attack.

Abidal is still the man for the Left Back spot.
Maxwell isn't that good of a defender. it is very hard for someone to get pass by Abidal.

TakeBackTheCity said...

don luis, we can play with maxwell on leftback abidal on central, puyol on rightback, dani alves on right winger when messi is out. maxwell brought us depth in any aspect.

Don Luis said...

Abidal in the centre is a bad idea. I can see Maxwell coming in for henry or messi...

Anonymous said...

Don Luis needs to stop acting like he's some football genius and arrogantly saying that others know anything about football because he disagrees with them. Sorry Don but I hope you feel stupid when we see that next season Guardiola often starts Alves and Maxwell as two attacking wingbacks, and never ever, not even once playing Maxwell in Henry or Messi's position. What will you say then? Oh Guardiola knows nothing about football?

tero said...

If we wanted another attacking wing back,why we didn't buy Lahm then? The main idea of buying Maxwell was not only to strenghten LB position,but give us more alternatives when considering starting line-up's because Maxwell can play in so many positions (DM and even LW if required,I still prefer LB)

Areign said...

dunning kruger effect. wikipedia that shit.

Don Luis said...


If you actually played football, you would know what i mean. Its different playing it then watching it.

I been around football for 15 years now, i know what im talking about. I been playing competitive football at club level since i was 5. so 12 yrs.

Maxwell has started as DM and LW for Inter... He i versatile like Zanetti. Zanetti can play left back or in the midfield.

So plz...

jazzy said...

lol Areign.. I just did @_@

Anonymous said...

Guys don luis is right you who voted for maxvell instead of abidal are totally out of this world maxwell is a good substitu but not a starter.

tecolotebuho said...

Maxwell has the same skill set as Sylvinho, just younger.

I think we'll see Pep using Maxwell like he did Sylvinho.

When a team has the bus parked in front of goal, send in Maxwell and use him like a can opener.

He and Alves can carve up the wings while the DB's and Holding mid protect against the counter.

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