Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Hleb didn't yet talk with Inter

Asked about the rumours linking Barcelona attacker and Belarusian international Alexander Hleb (28) with a loan move to Inter Milan (read more here), the player's agent Maurizio Gaudino has said in an interview with Italian football site Calcio Mercato that Inter didn't yet talk with the player:

"Hleb will travel with the team to London today. No one of Inter has already spoken with us. The two clubs are still talking, so for now he's only focused on Barcelona. It clear that he's not happy. Although the team won everything they could, he expected to play more last year. He was unlucky to get injured at the beginning of the season and this has influenced the rest of his season.

I don't like to talk about a hypothesis, but Inter is without any doubt an attractive destination. It's a great club where he can win more trophies. It's always an honour to be linked with teams like that but I repeat that they didn't yet talk with us so far. If and when the two clubs communicate something to us, we will evaluate the situation. "

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barca4life said...

Is the Hleb loan then seperate from the etoo move?

ZenI said...

@ barca4life

It looks like that. We will need to sign another CM if Hleb leaves.

Moltisanti said...

Worst excuse of the week: "He was unlucky to get injured at the beginning of the season and this has influenced the rest of his season."

That's right. If you played awful the whole season but got injured at the beginning for a month then you've got the perfect excuse.

Anonymous said...

DURING ONE WEEK we only heard about etoo delaing with Inter,when it will be done we will have to wait two more weeks for hleb!!

HERE is the real deal txixi and laporta offered to Inter :


when they could pay 45 millions for villa, 30 for adebayor, 20 for luis fabiano, 35 for benzema and 0 for etoo


Anonymous said...

THIS TRANSFER IS GOING TO TAKE A LOT OF TIME A LOT OF ENERGY An A LOT OF MONEY..when it will be done we want have money to recruit other players in other positions..imagine this IBRA get injured!! we dont even have a player to replace him, i like Bojan but i dont think we can achieve big goals without a strong bench


BarcaFan(BiH) said...

What is going on with Keirrison? There have been no news about him in almost 2 weeks and no one has been talking about him. Not the press, not the board. When are we going to sign him or will it fall through? Something dubious must be going on. Does anyone know something?

alexxx666 said...

WOW we sure have alot of whiners on this site all of a sudden.
Quit crying bout this deal and that deal. We are not madrid we have the top 3 players in the world already signed and ready for whatever may come. The transfer season ends Aug 31 and even then regardless of who signed and who didn't what matters is how the current core of the team plays (ie Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Alves etc).
Make your statement but pls back it up with something real. Alot of critics without any with no facts. Getting sick of having to filter through bull to read the smart fan comments with real info.

rahul said...

this is completely absurd. guardiola n barca r mad to sign ibra for 45m euros+hleb+etoo, well sorry to say as a barca fan our board is a hypocrite. if u can go n sign obra for almost 90m euros then ur nothing but a hypocrite and have no right to comment on other clubs transfer policies. seriously is IBRA that gud? he is a big game flop one of teh biggest flop in big games and etoo is a big game player. if it had been a straight swap then it wud have been more reasonable but etoo nm hleb n 45m euros is completely robbing of barca but as usual our board is one of teh dumbest around when they can buy players for big money n let them go for so cheap.
FUCK U INTER!! hope u never get through teh round of 16 for like a century. seriously these milan teams are making me hate serie a.

ibra would never put that much heart and blood like too does, completely agree with edmilson.

tero said...

I wouldn't mind if Hleb stayed forever in Inter

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