Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Front: El Mundo Deportivo


Guardiola sets out the lines at the first working day of the treble-Barça

Eto'o: "It's my decision. I don't count on him because of a feeling"

Ibra: "He's still an Inter player"

Puyol: "He won't leave, he can put that out of his head. And he'll play where I tell him to play"

Ribéry: "I don't think he'll come. They don't sell and his agent wants him to go elsewhere"

Henrique: "He's here to stay. I have been given very good reports"

Eto'o asks Inter to earn the same as Ibrahimovic


roman said...

some interesting fact is even if eto'o earns 10 m euro a year in italy still he won't earn as much as in barca?guys you know why?cause tax rate in italy is too high.it's 42% of the earning in compare with 23% tax rate in spain.that's the reason ibra has no problem to lower his salary demand.

Søren Mortensen said...

I love this quote.

Puyol: "He won't leave, he can put that out of his head. And he'll play where I tell him to play"

There is no doubt in my mind that Puyol would do this anyway. Only leave if he was forced out and play whereever he was told.

bez said...

By saying a statement like that about Puyul chances are that you provoke him to do the opposite

Anonymous said...


do you know who Puyol is?

suvash said...

bez has started supporting barca since we won treble.He knows we have a player named bez but doesn't know from where on earth he joined barca squad lol

Don Luis said...

Bez doesn't know Puyol's character at all.

After all barcelona has like the most bandwagon/ glory hunters right now. They jumped off Man utd now to Barca.

Sad, hate it, but thats how it is.

Pep should not let his feelings get the best of him. And guys please stop worshipping Pep. Sure he won us the treble, but still. He will leave next season most likely.

Wishing all the best to Rijkaard wit his new club!
Viva Rijkaard!

roman said...

if pep leaves next summer i have the feelings rijkaard will join us.but i have the feelings if any of the current board members gets elected as president pep will stay.even if anyone new take over presidency he will try his best to keep pep.

trez said...

Why wouldn't Puyol leave? Guardiola also left when he was a player and he was even a bigger Barça symbol than Puyol. Before you teach others' lessons, you should first learn your own lesson.

barca nike said...

If Pep leaves i really wish Frank Raijkard comes back i really like him. But my bigger wish is Pep continuing what he started.

Don Luis said...

It could be Luis Enrique...

I miss Rijkaard's 4-3-2-1,With Ronnie....

Pep said he would like to coach in Italy. I doubt Rijkaard would come back.

Puyol said a time ago, he would only leave barcelona if the club needed the money. He turned down Man utd, Chelsea, and Milan. Back when we where in financial troubles like Valencia are today.

But Laporta changed thinks. No matter what we should honor the current board.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Pep will coach at least this season and he will probably have the job for the next few years if he wants it.

My main concern in all these statements by Pep is Ribery. He is implying that he wants to go to Madrid and we wont be making a bid for him because in any case Bayern don't want to sell.

I just want this Ibra soap opera to end. I hope he signs ASAP.

roman said...

pep is right.we don't wanna sign a player who has set his heart at madrid.that's the reason we didn't even try to sign cr9 even though nike pushed forth deal.even they were ready to splash 40 m euro for him.

Don Luis said...

I thought Ribery had a pre-agreement with Barcelona? I read that here cpl months ago.

Ribery wants Barca, his agent wants Madrid. Next summer we going for Ribery!

fret said...

Zlatan also had his heart set on Madrid a few weeks ago... If we start that way, we don't have to sign anyone.

Don Luis said...

Cr9 was a barca fan at first.

Iniesta parents pulled him out of the real madrid academy. And when he was boy in a video he preferred madrid.

Eto'o was a madridista in his early career.

Schuster was a cule. He won in Madrid.

Ties are everywhere to both clubs.

roman said...

Nah ribery was convinced by zidane to join fc francos.ribery initially wanted to join barca but zidane has drugged him.As long as madrid wants him we won't be able to sign him.same as benzemacase.so get over ribery.we better try for silva.but i feel by next season gai will be ready to take the responsibility in left wing.

Don Luis said...

Or also Villa that was on a brink to sign for Real Madrid and he wanted the move.

Don Luis said...

Benzema never wanted the Barcelona move. He said it loud and clear that he wanted to play for RM.

Gai wont be ready... in 3 seasons sure. Thats why a move for Ribery is good. Silva is 22. Ribery 26.

3 seasons
Gai 21
Silva 25
Ribery 29.

roman said...

i hate zidane.he is a symbol in french league and currently working for madrid.as long as he stays there i doubt we will be able to sign any upcoming french youngster.

Bez said...

Alot of haters out there! Peace be with you too. Everybody has an ego to deal with, even Puyol, the gladiator. You should never take a champion like him for granted.

tero said...

Puyol is priceless,a legend

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