Monday, 20 July 2009

Agent Eto'o and Inter will meet tomorrow

Asked about the rumours linking Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o with a move to Inter Milan, Inter sports director Marco Branca has told journalists that the Italian club will meet with the player's agent Josep Maria Mesalles on Tuesday:

"Tomorrow we will meet with the agent of Eto'o, the negotiations are ongoing. Will Ibrahimovic go to Barcelona? Ask Laporta about that."

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TengkuAmir10 said...
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Etsp said...

Looks like Eto'o took Henry's shoes off as well...

TengkuAmir10 said...

eto:WOW!!that Gillete really work did it?

henry:nice right?

eto:yea.btw,people can see your undies.

henry:don't worry.i'm used to being a show-off in front of the crowd.

Anonymous said...

I have become a big fan of this blog but I would like to point out something here . The title of this post says, " Agent Eto'o ...etc. " In English " Agent Eto'o " means that Eto'o IS an agent . It should be either " Eto'o's agent " or the " agent of Eto'o " . Keep up the good work !!

Culer_Than_Thou said...

Its OK anony...
We've been conditioned to it by now ;)
I'm all for good english and grammar, but lets not get too pedantic. And somehow, the Agent of Eto'o won't quite give the same feeling to us fcbtransfers addicts.
And keep up the good work team!!

Anurag said...

i think the last sentence is an implicit way of saying that ibra's deal is done and etoo is the only one left to sign.

jazzy said...

yet we still need to wait a couple of days..

Anonymous said...

Remember the post that says Laporta contacted Ath. Madrid for Forlan last week? It seems Laporta offered to pay around 25million for Forlan only if Ath. madrid promise to buy Eto'o from Barca.
Well, looks like similar deal is in place between Inter and us. Barca would pay 45million + Hleb if Inter agree to buy Eto'o from Barca... All the trouble to satisfy his ego. Eto'o won't allow himself to be involved in a barter, LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a bad feeling about the deal with Inter . If Eto'o is a factor in determining if the deal goes through or not I am almost certain that he will do his best to sabotage the deal just to stick it to the club and get back at Guardiola and Laporta . Eto'o and the description " A class act " don't usually belong in the same sentence !!

Athul said...


+1 regarding grammar

Amir said...

we want just to finish with this but this asshole etoo keeps ruining everything he won't agree to go to inter i have a bad feeling all that because of his fucking ego!!!
where are all those etoo lovers now?
sure hiding cause they at last unvieled the real etoo the one who cares only for himself and not for anyone else!!
on the other hand look at Ibra he's ready to cut his salary to join us!
u know what i call this ?
team spirit ! good spirit !
etoo must leave!!
when u are shown the door u usually leave but this angel etoo u all so love don't know when to say goodbye

Anonymous said...

Can a man please decide on his own future? Times of slavery are over, Amir.

pep said...

@ Anony: I would like to point out something here . The title of this post says, " Agent Eto'o ...etc. " In English " Agent Eto'o " means that Eto'o IS an agent . It should be either " Eto'o's agent " or the " agent of Eto'o " .

I know, but also in a title? We just want to keep the titles short, so in "The agent of Eto'o" we delete "the" and "of" so we keep the essence. Would "Eto'o agent" be better?

Iason said...

Why is everyone bashing Eto'o all of the sudden? All that was said is that Inter will meet with Eto'o tomorrow. This will be the first meeting between Inter and Eto'o so dumb asses like Amir should stop saying that Eto'o is refusing anything. Laporta and Zlatan's agent have both said that no agreement has ben reached so don't say Eto'o is the only reason the deal isn't done. Give me some proof that Eto'o is denying to sign anything or that he is demanding an extremely high salary and then I will accept Eto'o being a problem.

Amir said...

what slavery?!
i never said etoo was a slave but this is about ethics... when u are shown the door u usually say goodbye and don't cause troubles... but etoo is so ego centred so he couldn't think about this possibility cause he only thinks how to screw barca plans!!
bad spirit bad person bad player!!
no need for such trouble makers in our lovely club!
Visca el Barca! Visca el Zlatan!

Amir said...

iason when etoo will sign for inter and prove me wrong then i will apologise for all i said bout him but if not u should admit that etoo is a trouble maker and he should be out of the team !

NouBarca said...

hmm.. what do you know about Zlatan that brings about "Visca el Zlatan"? You have called Eto all sorts of names. good and its something you should be proud of yourself. Zlatan HAVE to reduce his salary cos if he doesnt he would be earning more the Messi which is not going to happen. So does he have a choice? Anybody coming to Barca would have to agree that his wage MUST be lower than Messis.

harsha said...

GUYS ... see this. i found ibra's No. 9 barca jersey on ebay ... is it confirmed??|66%3A2|39%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50

grizmiler said...

I am a professional journalist and the proper way to write it is "Eto'o's agent"

This blog is loaded with information, but it's credibility would increase dramatically with fewer typos and better English editing.

Keep up the good work fella's because you're all I've got, since I can't translate Spanish. I am heading to the Sounders-Barcelona match in a couple weeks in Seattle and I can't wait. What are the chances Ibra will be with the squad by then?

Sanur said...

Foregt the Typos and the grammer.. because its all part of this great long as the title of the story is accurate and correct who cares about the rest.

Also harsha
That guy selling the Brca Ibrahimovic jersey should be reported for selling counterfeit, as a club member I think its a responsibility to llok out for and report people damaging the clubs image and carrying out activities such as selling fakes merchandise which affects our clubs revenue....I will report that punk from Thailand!!

To Amir said...

Seriously, what the fuck makes you say "Visca El Zelatan?" Not only that, but you say it right after bashing the guy who has scored in 2 Cl finals for us, without any evidence. That's not a Barca fan, that's a Zlatan fan.

Don Luis said...

I thought they where suppose to meet today.

I certainly dont think Mourinho will risk Ibra now. He wont play vs chelsea

To Amir said...

What has Zlatan done for the club yet?

grizmiler said...

The story isn't accurate and correct with typos and grammar issues ... that's the point. Also, the site lacks in sourcing much of the time and could be sued for copyright infringement if the posters aren't careful. It's important to source the material. I'm sure you'd want the same done if another blog was taking your information and posting it as their own. Most of the time, the sourcing is great, but I often read some posts and there isn't a source, which makes me doubt its validity.

Anyway, like I said, I think you guys are doing a good job, but like anything, you can do better. Keep up the good work, and if you ever have questions regarding or want a post copy edited before it's posted, I'd be happy to help. I do this for a living.

Sanur said...

I seriously do not think the word Visca and Zlatan should be used in the same sentence until he has signed for us and actually performs and achieves something for us. Visca El Eto'o is never a problem...and that is coming from someone who is in favour of the signing of Zlatan and the exit of Eto'o.

Also to the anti Eto'os, I am not one, but believe me when the time does come that he is officially leaves you emotions will set in and you will visualise all the great moments that this man has had with us, including the 2 CL goals, the first goal against Madrshit at the Classico and many things before that!!

Iason said...

It's a deal, Amir.

pep said...

"Also, the site lacks in sourcing much of the time and could be sued for copyright infringement if the posters aren't careful."

Honestly, grizmiler, I think I can say that our sourcing is the best and most correct you can found anywhere on the web. Professional sites with big reputations make sourcing mistakes every day, we rarely have one.

We only don't mention a source if there "is" no source, namely if people make statements at press conferences or just out on the street like this one. Then we say "said at a press conference" or "told journalists". If people talk to one specific paper or radio station, that's always mentioned.

Every report is also written by ourselves, so that can't cause any copyright problems either.

If you are willing to help out in any way, you can mail us at "fcbtransfers [at] yahoo [dot] com".

Amir said...

nice Iason see u tomorrow with the results!:D
and btw i can say what i want and again i say it now at loud:
Visca el Barca!!!
Visca el Zlatan!!!

Anonymous said...

this IBRACADABRA deal is a crazy deal,how can we add 45 millions plus etoo to get ibra..its such a waste of money and a big risk to put arround 7O millions for only one man,if we keep etoo we can use this cash to bolster other positions unless laporta is willing to land money from the bank like madrid



bob said...

be our club president anonymous lol.we need a wise president like you who will lead club from the front by letting a player to set up a bad example by forcing his stay and leave next season for free.

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