Friday, 5 December 2008

Verbal agreements on Aguero transfer

Argentinian sports site El Depornauta claims that Barcelona will sign Atlético Madrid forward and Argentinian international Sergio 'Kun' Agüero (20) next summer (read more here).

Barcelona would pay the 55 million euro° buyout clause of the player and Barcelona president Joan Laporta would be personally leading the negotiations with the player. With only a few details left, there would be a principal and verbal agreement between the two parties.

Barcelona manager Guardiola would have approved the transfer and sees a key role for Agüero in his team. Besides his football qualities, Agüero would also be appreciated because of his stable private life.

Argentinian football site Golpasión claims that Barcelona and Atlético Madrid have been holding talks for several months about a transfer of Agüero, who would be pleased with the idea of joining his Argentinian compatriot and close friend Lionel Messi.

With Barcelona willing to pay the buyout fee and Atlético wanting to hold on to the Argentinian striker until the end of the season, the two clubs would recently have reached a verbal agreement on a transfer in June of next year.

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pep said...

55 million euro =

69 million us dollar
48 million british pound

BarcaFan (BiH) said...

Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!
Don't make me laugh. Another one of those bs tabloid stories. Completely groundless.

Like we would just hear about the fact that both clubs "have been holding talks for several months" just now or that "Guardiola would have approved the transfer and sees a key role for Aguero and his team." And 55 million Euros? Pfffff!!!!!
That's the best of all!!!!!

SimonP said...

I don't see why this isn't true. Several clubs have already activated Kun's release clause and with the transfermarket being the way it is 55 million isn't a ridicolous fee.

However I can't see how he would fit into the team without selling one or more players.

The right wing: Messi
The center: Eto'o
The left wing: Iniesta

Where will Kun play?

Louis said...

pep how reliable is this source? i agree with the comment above, this seems very unlikely to be true... we have a lot of forwards already and buying aguero would mean that the sales of certain players are already decided upon what is very unlikely as well...

Ramzi said...

Sometimes Media HINT to the board what they think they must do thru writing stories about it, and sometimes the Board HINT to the media what to say, for a purpose.

Anonymous said...

it is interesting that its the argentine media reporting this and not the spanish media

pep said...

Louis: I didn't know the sites before (in Argentina I only check "Olé"), which shouldn't say anythign about their reliability. Anyway, I don't know the Argentinian media landscape enough to judge this, so (like everything) I give it to you for what it's worth. At least they did the effort to find out his buyout clause is 55 million euro...

fcbee said...

I don't agree with "we have a lot of forwards already", Louis.

For a team who plays with three forwards (4-3-3), we actually have quite few in my opinion. Messi, Eto'o and Henry. And Bojan and Pedro. That's five for three spots, other teams who plays with two forwards often have also five guys (or more). Therefore players like Iniesta and Hleb, who are more midfielders, have to step up.

fcbee said...

And, SimonP: if Guardiola keeps on rotating and Henry would for example be sold, Aguero would have enough paying time.

Anonymous said...

of this is true this could well be on of the best days of my life My god Messi playing then AGUERO linking up with my other favorites xavis iniesta and Busquets....Amazing

FCBFan said...

He can never replace Eto'o.

skanjos said...

so if we sell henry for 10-15 mil,and we get liga this year we will have enough cash for 2 major transfers ,there are 4-5 players that are barca material out there silva,fabregas,kun,benzema only those four i think that can help us upfront,i wish we sign kun and silva.also kun at 55mil is a bargain

etoto said...

55mil Euro?! Wow that's toooo much!! Maybe 30 mil

Louis said...

thanks pep.
fcbee: i would consider iniesta and hleb forwards, too. it's not that they have to step up because there's no one else but because there's no space in midfield and they do really well up front(see iniesta, i don't know about hleb yet but in our system, i think he's more of a forward unless we have to play really offensively).
plus, those guys all have high demands. henry, eto'o, messi and aguero would mean four world class forwards and you can't keep benching them. in addition, players like bojan, pedro or maybe gai wouldn't have chances at all as even they got injured or something, iniesta or hleb would be prefered. anyway, what are iniesta and hleb gonna do? for the three midfield positions we already have five guys...

Louis said...

as even if they got injured*

lekan said...

i would be so happy if dis come to true, aguero is a very talented young forward.i think we need him in our team,but i dont think this story of a verbal aggrement is true.

Anonymous said...

haven't you learn so far that pep is using the whole squad? even guddi and busquets and hleb are playing, even pedro and bojan. so if aguero comes there would be place for everybody. and i don*t thing that aguero will earn between 5-9 mill euro in barca. so far he's just a (very good) talent like messi 2 years ago.

there are so many rumours about henry... maybe on of them is true and the board will sell him next summer. we'll see..

ife said...

I think barca board want to create unnecessary EUPHORIA,given the fact that madrid is on market crazy.And also maybe we will not buy anything this january ,so they want to give us hope for summer.
my question is CAN AGÜERO PLAY WING SOMETIMES EFFECTIVELY???so that we could sell Henry this summer and buy him maximum 35 -40 million.

jordy said...

I don't think it's true but it would be fantastic. he can do things other strikers like even benzema can't. the best we could buy. and he can also play in the left! sell henry and buy aguero.

HouseMD said...

As first, he doesn't worth 55M. It's buyout clause, I know, but everything more than 35M would be throwing money in the wind. To be honest, I'd like to see him in Barca one day, but only if the price is reasonable. So, if Henry and Gudjohnsen leave Barca in the summer, Aguero would be great asset to the squad. I'd play them like this:


Anonymous said...

should be like this:


kamikaze kontiki said...

I hope u guys remember that possession in n around the penalty area is a very important part of our game. If we buy a fwd I can only see a first team vacancy in the left fwd role but even this is only a fancy for Hleb, Iniesta n Henry have eprformed admirably in this postion doing more than any fan would have expected out of them. Aguero can only be considered a replacement for Eto'o or Messi n frankly the sub positions belong to our Masia graduates by right. We need to hold onto the ball on the left wing, pull in defenders, hold on to the ball, Hleb n Iniesta r perfect. Maybe we should get Arshavin but not Aguero. Aguero means too frontal an attack. It would push our midfield possession back too far n for me at least one of the most important reasons for the soundness of our defense has been the pushing up of possession deeper into the opposition half.

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