Sunday, 1 March 2009

Barcelona has first option on Aguero

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona has an agreement with Atlético Madrid regarding the transfer of Atlético Madrid forward and Argentinian international Sergio 'Kun' Agüero (20) that would at least state that Barcelona has the first option to buy the player.

Agüero, whose contract expires in 2012, would have made the decision that he will leave the Spanish club because he doesn't feel valued. He has ordered his representatives at player's agency IMG to look at the offers that have come in from clubs who want to pay his buyout clause of 55 million euro°.

Although Inter Milan is interested and several English Premier League clubs have made an offer for Agüero, who currently earns 3 million euro a year, sources close to Atlético Madrid say that if Agüero leaves he will join Barcelona and that everything indicates that he will play for Barcelona next season.

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pep said...

55 million euro =

70 million us dollar
50 million british pound

bojan! said...

we have first option for Ribery, Silva , Villa now Aguero & probably Benzema.. I hope we find d best soluion possible. I think we need Gk, LB and LW and back up for Alves.

Anonymous said...

totally unseriosly. he never said he wants to leave athletico. he always said he wants to stay.

@pep: it would be nice to place a value indicating the thruth value in percent.

in this case it would be: 5%

pep said...

In the ideal world, we would have some system where readers could place a value and we would have some average under the post.

Technical wizards, feel free to develop something like that...

groga said...

It's not because he says he wants to stay that he will stay... Ronaldinho also wanted to stay last season. If he leaves, I think Barça could be a serious option for him.

Abdikarim said...

The reason he wants to leave is that he does not get alone with the new manager of Atlético Madrid, during the midweek game against Porto he was substitute very early second half, reports asked the new Atletico Madrid's new coach Abel Resino, asked if he would make the substitution again in the future and he said, El Mundo: "Yes, why not? If I felt it was the right move, for sure. No one is untouchable here."

He added: "Kun is another player, who is important for us when he is well, but another player. That is, he plays or does not play.

barca4life said...

What is for sure is we really only need 1 or 2 of benzema silva villa aguero and ribery depending on the way things go with etoo and henry. If etoo decides to stay we really only need 1. Having said that, we do need some quality off the bench to back up messi and the other two starting positions. If i was the coach i would ask bojan to work on adapting his game to play in all 3 of the positions up front so that he can get more playing time anytime one of the 3 fowards needs to come off. I must admit the idea of ribery etoo messi or ribery kun messi or ribery benzema messi with bojan coming off the bench does excite me, but keep in mind this story is on the eve of barca atletico and must be taken with a pinch of salt as the benzema story which was right around the time of the champions league game.

skanjos said...

we want one of benzema/kun/villa and one of silva/ribery .watching the rumors lately i think we are heading for the french duo benzema/ribery (hleb out to bayern,henry???? )

i really think benzema can offer more to our club than aguero.but both would be excelent signings. i dont agree with villa coming though,i think he is past his prime and has 1-2 years at top lvl,so we should stick to the 2 younger lads.

i think silva would fit more to our system ,but he is very similar player to iniesta,thats good to rotation,but i would prefer ribery cause he is a more attacking player.

one thing is certain this summer is gonna be intersting,dont forget world cup is comming so players will want to prove next year that they can participate(thats why i dont see henry wanting to leave,except if we kick him out)

E said...

Lets take a look to the Reserves first before we buy any players....i think some players of the reserves are ready for the 1st team.

barca_boy said...

hey guys I just read that we have agreed a 4 year contract with Ribery, and that he will sign for us next season, thats what german press is writing,can this be true? you can read this on

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