Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A goalkeeper, a left back and a striker

Catalan newspaper Avui claims that Barcelona plans few changes during the summer transfer window (read more here).

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola and Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain would already have met several times to discuss possible transfers and Barcelona would focus on buying three players: a goalkeeper, a left back defender and a centre forward.

Barcelona goalkeeper Víctor Valdés will stay the number one next season although Barcelona would like to sign a new goalkeeper who could put some more pressure on Valdés. Valladolid goalkeeper and Spanish youth international Sergio Asenjo (19) could be the main target. Barcelona goalkeepers José Manuel Pinto (33) and Albert Jorquera (30) could both leave if a good offer comes in.

With the contract of Barcelona left back defender Sylvinho (35) expiring at the end of this season (read more here), Barcelona wants to sign a solid back up for Abidal. For the centre forward position, everything will depend on what will happen with Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto’o (28).

If Eto’o leaves the first name on the list is Valencia forward and Spanish international David Villa (27). Chelsea forward and Ivory Coasqt international Didier Drogba (31) and Inter Milan forward and Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovich (27) could be other options.

A left wing attacker wouldn’t be a priority for the club anymore, although it’s not excluded that depending on the situation of the players, Barcelona could go after Valencia left wing attacker and Spanish international David Silva (23) or Atlético Madrid attacker and Argentinian international Sergio Agüero (20).

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Anonymous said...

asenjo , lahm and aguero

Etsp said...

Drogba and Zlatan should not be a priority, none of them have the Barcelona team mentality.

denari said...

Asenjo, Filipe, David Silva and possibly David Villa, depending on the Eto'o situation.

SJP said...

Should def get asenjo, pinto has done well but i can't see him being first choice. despite the odd mistake valdes has been really good this season (zamora award possibly), but he does need competition.

Left back, if playing football manager would love clichy or evra, realistically Maxwell or the sporting gijon guy would be good, cheap and solid.

regardless of etoo i think we should get aguero, then we have LW and CF covered. keep henry for another season. midget thing doesn't work with aguero, he's only little bit shorter than benzema. if not villa and silva.

side note if we only have 30 mil plus transfer sales money, where we going to get money from?

KluivertsBoots said...

Guddy and Hleb could leave. If Hleb can't claim the LW role, he should leave because he won't accept a back-up role at this point. Sylvinho is out. Sachez/Vazquez can replace Guddy in utility role.

Either one or both Pinto-Jorquera can leave to make way for Asenjo.

I would not use big money for LW. Play Iniesta there, promote Gai/Pedro.

We could use another CM maestro as Xavi understudy. We don't have anyone besides Iniesta who can play the Xavi position. Look at Thiago?

Anonymous said...

a reasonable decision would be just promote youth players into the first team to fill the places in which they do not have adequate first team players at the time to occupy so they are saving money to fund transfers in which they find it hard to get players to fill the voids in which the club has at this point in time

Anonymous said...

I think KluivertBoots has some very interesting ideas and thoughts. A smart guy, no doubt about it! His thoughts on the LW position is spot on IMO, Iniesta and Gai is more than enough. What I would also see is a guy like Hernanes who can play at multiple positions and has a vicious shot. A goalscoring midfielder who can also cover for Xavi when needed.

Midfielders: Busquets,Yaya,Hernanes,Keita,Xavi and perhaps Thiago

What is needed is two things IMO: A goalscoring midfielder and a striker who can head the ball. What do you guys think?

jordy said...

i think a midfield with
busquets, yaya, xavi, keita, iniesta. hernanes is indeed a good option.guddy may leave for 7m.
if man city does a great offer for henry and ribery can be buyed I would do it. otherwise, keep henry. hleb can go. guys like gai, pedro and maybe jeffren can add something to the squad behind the three star players.also iniesta can cover in the attack.
I certainly do not want silva, he's not strong, fast enough neither scores goals. henry scores 15-20 goals a season, silva not even 5..
Aguero would also be a great option but I don't see him as a left winger but more a substitute for eto'o if he decides to leaves some day. So more an option in the future. because at the moment I prefer eto'o over anyone
asenjo as a goalkeeper is a good option. the price tag in irresistable, 5,5m. but also another year with pinto or jorquera isn't a bad deal.
for the left back defender i would go for a young player. Rather a spanish one like the one from Gijon. abidal is doing good, a young guy can slowly grow.

jordy said...

it should be ribery can be bought ofcourse..

tero said...

My choices:

In: Maxvell,Asenjo,Silva/Ribery

Out: Guddy,Hleb,Valdes,Jorquera

KluivertsBoots said...

Abidal can play for a while longer still. He's in excellent condition.

Maxwell is interesting because he is attack minded. He could give us a defense-attack option paired with Abi.

Pep prefers a defensive LB to make up for Alves on the right, so the team can still keep at least three back when we go forward.

Quality LBs are tough to find outside of the obvious. I haven't any rumors about Ajax talent Urby Emanuelson lately. He is only 22. Pacey, can cover ground and also score.

Dolce said...

I think that we are too conservative if we spend only "30-35 million" in next summer and then just watch how RM spends €150M. Villa´s or Ribery´s arrival should not mean that we must offload one of your current stars. We need more game-winning players and can you imagine how many points Barca would have dropped if Messi were again crocked for 2-3 months also in 08-09? Barca must decide what they do with Valdes and in addition sign a left back, Cesc as a long term investment
and one out of Ribery,Aguero,Keirrison, Persie,Benzema and Villa.If we dont spend this summer then we may have have to forget many top names for ever if they join other team instead of Barca

KluivertsBoots said...

I think the club should only spend what is needed and prudent. We can't be distracted by Real if they turn back to Galactico policy.

Ribery would cost upwards of 30m euro on the short side. Aguero would be even more, especially for us as we are in the same league as Atletico.

We shouldn't spend just to spend. Do what is right for the team. If Pep can make us better and spend 30 or so euro total, fine with me.

Hilal said...


We have more game winners than most teams, certainly more than RM. I do think Ribery would be worth every penny though, more so than Aguero. He is not just a left winger, he can play on the right and in Iniesta's position. He is a very versatile player and he can provide solid cover up front. Between Ribery, Iniesta and MEssi (plus youth) the wings are covered. Eto'o, henry and Bojan cover the centre. Plus Henry and Bojan can also play the wings. We would have the complete front line.

I agree we need a Xavi like player to be his understudy. Thiago looks good, but Pep will know best if he is ready or not. I like Hernanes, but his natural position is DM so can he really fill Xavi's role?

Not sure about this Keirrison guy. Maybe if we get him relatively cheap and loan him out. I wouldnt want to hamper Bojans progress. I think he should get more responsibility next year.

Hilal said...

Wow. Argentina got ripped to shreds. 6-1 away to Bolivia. I know there is the altitude thing, but still, that is shocking!!

Messi played the full 90 at altitude unfortunately....that means he is coming back tired. Dont play him on Sat and hope he is nice and rested for Wednesdays game.

R10FCB said...

Definitely get Sergio Aguero, with aguero and messi on the wings, that would be unbelievable.
I really want us to sign asenjo aswell.

Nico said...

Our first priority should be a high class keeper and then Aguero.

Unknown said...

I heard Atleti signed Asenjo. Oh well.

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