Monday, 10 August 2009

Transfer of Filipe not an option anymore

Asked about the new rumours linking Deportivo La Coruña left back defender Filipe Luis (23) with a move to Barcelona after a FIFA ruling gave the player his freedom (read more here), Barcelona sports direcor Txiki Begiristain is quoted by Catalan sports paper El 9 Esportiu as excluding the option:

"We're not willing to start the negotiations all over again. We already tried to sign the player and it didn't work. And now we're very happy with the alternative we were able to bring in."

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Anonymous said...

To bad, he is a better player with more potential than Maxwell

Anonymous said...

He is not a better player, he migh be one day. But he is different from Maxwell though. He is more like Abidal, he doesnt support attack so good and defends well. So Maxwell will be a fine replacement for Sylvinho and we have now one defensive and one attacking left back.

And its better to buy experienced players and mix them with our youth products. Having just young players = you will end like Arsenal, without trophies.

fcbee said...

I think Maxwell has been an excellent transfer. If you look at price and quality, you can't get a better buy.

Anonymous said...

May be he meant no IF it meant any discussions with the deportivo club. But if he's free why not?

Anonymous said...

Was that bicycle-kick by Messi an effect of Ibra on the team :P
Messi seemed to have done that pretty easy

Ramzi said...

I will take Maxwell over Filipe anyday. Its better to sign a proved quality rather than a one season performer.

I am not even sure who was plan A and who was Plan B in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I guess that "anyday" would be some where in just the coming two seasons... But what after that?
Losing out on one of the most promising talents coming for free won't be a good step. A NATURAL LEFTIE doing quite good at LB, you won't find them every day.
Just sign him and send him out on loan to some BIG club where he could play Champions League. Since not many BIG clubs seem to be after him right now I think he would jump for that offer :)

SJP said...

i agree that maxwell has been a great transfer, but if felipe is free then it seems mad not to get him. why not get him and loan him to a club for two years then when abidal leaves we have a ready made replacement who can become the long term LB for free? it seems daft to say no now only to then have to go and sign another LB in a year or two's time.

also i feel sorry for the lad as he probably engineered this when we told him he was still in our plans, now he has to go to a club that will not like him in the slightest, could ruin his career. should just get him.

Anonymous said...

hmm abidal is worth close to 20m and filipe is free. an extra 20 mil could go a long way, and abidal kind of sucks, filipe is better and younger. Maxwell is better than abidal also, sell abidal or use him in a swap for mascherano.

Anonymous said...

Actually signing Filipe and then loaning him over to Liverpool for 2 years would a very good option. Dossena has been a total failure for them.

Anonymous said...

buying Maxwell was a mistake this guy will be so much better in the future

Ramzi said...

If for free, Pep would have signed him days ago. Even for rearranging his Coldplay CDs.

I just dont take this "Free contract" seriously yet. We couldnt find any trace for this claim anywhere near FIFA website. Not till now at least.

Isnt it more strange that no other team rushed to pick a promising free prospect. Why liverpool will wait us to sign him before they borrow him for loan? See what I mean?

Thats where I come from when I favour Maxwell over Filipe. I still consider them both as transfers where we needed to pay.

We have some good youth to try for the future. So within the following two years, we never know how things will turn.

Anurag said...

buying maxwell was the smartest move our board made this year. yes, the SMARTEST. doing that, they proved a few things :

- you cant arm twist the barca board.

- filipe was not worth nearly what deportivo was asking for him

- barca were not going to mess about. maybe laporta had been talking a bit too much, but he and txiki got together two good deals with maxwell and ibra.

i also think maxwell is a good player. he is skilled, good in attack and versatile (can play in DM and LW also).

also, maxwell's signing means that even with Alves unavailable/injured, there would still be quality attacks being built up, maybe not from the right wing, but definitely from the left. and against little teams, can you imagine the scorelines we could win with when both Alves and Maxwell play on either flank? i would pay money to watch that on my own TV!

Anonymous said...

Abidal is NOT worth 5 millions !!

Fenderek said...

I think he's better than Abidal though... I'm really happy with Maxwell deal, though!

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