Monday 10 August 2009

Become a blog writer

Because we would like to bring the Barcelona fans more, faster and better news, we would like to create a pool of writers and therefore we are looking for people who could write posts for the blog.

We are talking about on-time news posts here, not opinion pieces. Such a post can go from basically translating a news report to putting a story together yourself based on one or more news reports. We will give you some guidelines, but we already want to mention the following.

You should be able to adapt to the style of this blog, which is quite basic but nevertheless quality-oriented (regarding content, language and lay-out). To keep things readers-friendly, it's probably best that this continues to be the general line. Of course you can add your personal accents.

You should therefore also have a decent knowledge of the English language (without English having to be your mother tongue) and preferably also the Spanish language (or you should be excellent with google translate or other translating tools).

You should be able to take initiative. If you see a story that is interesting, you basically can start writing. You shouldn't wait for permission.

Although it's of course volunteer work (we also remind that this is a charity based blog with the benefits going to good works), we would ask some sort of minimum commitment. For example, you can say "Ok, I can give you fifteen minutes a day and write one post", or "I can be around for one hour, but only during weekdays" or "Only in the weekend". This will enable us to organize everything a bit.

We think it could be a great chance for some people to develop their skills in a global environment, to get some experience and to get to know other people. If you are interested and motivated to help out, you can contact us at:

fcbtransfers [at] yahoo [dot] com


Leo10 said...

Okay pep, i'll do it

_barcelonista_ said...

i will think about it..

xavi said...

I'm a Barca supporter from Bosnia, and I would like to take a part at my favorite blog, I'll contract you at All the best

Anonymous said...

Can't we have 1 writer from every volounteer country.. In each languages or just in Sweden, and update with toughts from just that specific country. Im from Sweden and i volunteer, contact me at

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