Sunday 9 August 2009

Barcelona not reopening Filipe option

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona isn't reconsidering the transfer of Deportivo La Coruña left back defender Filipe Luis (23).

Filipe could leave on a free transfer when FIFA makes public later this week a judgment in an old case between Filipe and Deportivo saying that the Spanish club loses all their rights on the player (read more here).

Although Barcelona has valued a lot the attitude of the player during the whole process by putting pressure on his club, the left back position is at this moment not a position to be strengthened after the signing of Maxwell. If Barcelona wouldn't be able to sign a left winger, the situation could again change. Filipe Luis didn't want to comment on the matter yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Why not , if we can get him for free !!

inieeeeeeeeeeeeeesta said...

yeah indeed, maxwell can be used about everywhere

Filipe is a player barça really wanted

abidal does not have Three or even two barça years left

Anonymous said...

Yes, get him for free. And maybe loan him out to Deportivo again for 1 or 2 seasons. Then Abidal is out, and we can have him back.

Anonymous said...

you can cry again boy...


trez said...

We don't need him. It would be an extra salary and some signing bonus for him and his agent. Unless we sell Abidal, he's not an option. Maxwell as left winger wouldn't work and luckily Guardiola knows that.

Anonymous said...


Guys,i've told you are not even linked to Barcelona F.C..So,don't waste your time giving Barca your useless ideas.The club is the club and we are the fans,NOT the boardroom members.

After all,if the club followed your ideas then basically it will be doomed.For sure.THAT is why there is a small organisation in the club which is called the BoardRoom.They have put us to the top and possibly and undoubtfully the best team that has ever stepped onto the pitch LAST season.THEY.NOT.YOU.So,quit wasting your finger energy on writing something that is worthless.

As i have told you over and over again.The club can't hear you.But the fans can.So,what can the fans do about it.?They don't have a connection to the club.You can make them agree with your so-called good opinions but you cannot make it happen in real life or as i say,you are just dreaming of what you want to happen.Those things are above all useless.

The club.Barca,even if the boardroom members do read Ramzi's articles,will he show it to Pep?Exactly,he won't because Ramzi is not a professional at these things.Pep is smarter.Although Ramzi did some nice articles,Pep would never follow it.Hell,Pep didn't even Know about it.!I thank this blog and i thank the owner of this blog.Man You Are More Hardworking Than Ever Before.Thanks and..


trez said...

We don't express our opinions for the board to hear them. It's just for fun. People have opinions and thay express them and see what other people think about the same issues.

Unknown said...

How do you know for sure no one from the board reads this blog?

This blog and other blogs/website could have been read by some journalist of a very influential paper or magazine who may also agree with what is said by the MAJORITY of people AND write an article about them. I'm sure Laporta and the board, and Pep may subscribe to some of these magazine or papers and may see that alot of people want to see something happen that they may not realise previously.

Governments have been changed by the collective voice of small people like us AND including you, so keep saying what you think is good for the club.

Unknown said...


Just look at the cover of Sport @

Poll: The fans prefer him (Cesc) over Mascherano

clive said...

I understand why barca is not reopening the case, because if they sign another leftback, it will only create more trouble for the coach. pep has enough pain trying to make everyone happy upfront... well, midfield as well... it is smart management if u ask me.

Tohar Investment Limited said...

no CLIVE,it will be the best option,as maxwell can fill the void of henry,if injured and preciselly no bojan.pls lets take this advantage if it comes,fillipe is a real barca material.

Iason said...

Sign him and loan him out to a top team that needs a LB. Maybe Sevilla or Atletico Madrid.

Dolce said...

No way Maxwell could play well as a LW in Barca´s 4-3-3! He would never score, decide games or carry the team. This is not a video game! I was stunned that some of you wanted to sign Zhirkov as a LW, I was glad that he joined Chelsea.

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