Monday, 10 August 2009

Thirteen players called-up for international games

Thirteen Barcelona players have been called-up to play international games with their national teams this week:

Abidal, Henry
(Faroe Islands-France, world cup qualifier)

Puyol, Piqué, Busquets, Xavi
(Macedonia-Spain, friendly)

(Iceland-Slovakia, friendly)

(Sweden-Finland, friendly)

(Mexico-United States, world cup qualifier)

(Russia-Argentina, friendly)

(Estonia-Brazil, friendly)

(Mali-Burkina Faso, friendly)

(Tunisia-Ivory Coast, friendly)

Catalan sports paper Sport reports that it is expected that Zlatan Ibrahimovic won't travel to Sweden and continue his recovery in Barcelona. Rafael Márquez is in Mexico and will be examined by the medical staff of the Mexican football association, while Thierry Henry has some problems with his Achilles tendon and will decide today if he will travel to France.

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SimonP said...

I am swedish and Zlatan has not been called up for the friendly against Finland. The strikers are Johan Elmander, Marcus Berg, Markus Rosenberg and Tobias Hysén.

skanjos said...

dont want to make a big deal pep but its offending to greek people to call fyrom macedonia.....

Anonymous said...

Its a offend to Ancient Greece to call Modern "Greece" - Greece.

Eladir said...

Nobody gives a *%#^ about what Greece thinks about other countries name.

zos said...

macedonia is a greek area and not their name... so plz the world wide name Fyrom:) and i m greek:P

pep said...

Nobody knows FYROM, guys. I think your explanations settle things and explain the problem...

Anonymous said...

It's Macedonia and always will be. As Eladir said nobody gives a *%#^ what some troublemakers think about others.

fcbee said...

Respect everybody's opinion, guys.

I can understand that people can feel offended (although I don't know the details about the specifice FYROM-Macedonia-Greece case), but on the other hand: this is a football site, so better to leave politics and stuff out of here otherwise we'll end up with political discussions the whole day. If we talk here about "Macedonia" that doesn't have any political meaning, it's just the way most people know the country. It's not taking a stand or something or backing one party.

Anyway, that's how I see it.

Anonymous said... as far as FIFA is concerned, it’s Macedonia.

skanjos said...

nope last anony its not check again : its fyr macedonia aka fyrom.any official site has to put the name right and thats fyrom.

also its not trouble makers m8 you have to respect a countrys history....also its not an excuse to use that name just because some people dont know the country with its real name as officially stated

when it comes to religion people are strict but in some countries their countrys history is even more sacred ,aka in greece the "patris ,thriskia,oikogenia"

Kevin O said...

Can someone give me the specifics on the Russia-Argentina game? it looks really good on paper but im not sure of the time and date..

fcbee said...

The official name of Greece is also "Hellenic Republic", skanjos. But nobody uses that either. Let's just be a little practical here and leave politics out.

skanjos said...

fcbee no its not.. hellenic is just greece in greek(like japan is nippon in japanese)and the official name of greece in greek is ΕΛΛΑΔΑ or ΕΛΛΑΣ.dont know where or how the hell you came up with that one.

so i shouldnt tell when i am offended ? muslims shouldnt tell when they are offended too?,why should it be different for the 2 cases?

fcbee said...

Wikipedia page says this:

"officially the Hellenic Republic (Ελληνική Δημοκρατία)"

Whatever it is: you and muslims or whoever shouldn't be offended by things that aren't meant to be offended. Relax...

Carrer de Corsega said...

Relax people!

Let's change the subject. I love the fact that Pique and Busquets are regulars for the national team now.

Anonymous said...

Greece is a fake country and is a part of Macedonia. Consider that, fool!

Ba-Beka said...

Skanjos , i hope this is a mistake (muslims shouldnt tell when they are offended too?) , because u said that why should it be different for the 2 cases .

Muslims are offended only when u talk about Prophet , and that never happen in this Blog , and i believe it's not going to happen .

Macedonia is Macedonia for Now , if they change their name (i believe yes) then we can call them North Maced.. or whatever FYROM ect . Don't be offended in the Barcelona FORUM , we are here all Barca supporters and we don't have no Country here , if you want to be CULE there is one COUNTRY - CATALUNYA .
So hope u get this as a advice from a friend who is also Barcelona fun for more than 20 Years now , i am Albanian - Muslim but i don't care about Macedonia when it comes to BARCELONA .


skanjos said...

i wont even comment to the last anony. i would drop this but its people like be-beka that say their oppinion even though they know nothing about the subject its fyrom now ,THEY want to be named macedonia .....check the official european union site

also for people that will say their sintomography is like that example GRE for greece or ENG for england,its not MKD for them its PJRM or FYROM....

uefa lists them as fyrom ,european union lists them as fyrom and still some guys try to use propaganda ....

V said...

"dont want to make a big deal pep but its offending to greek people to call fyrom macedonia....."

NEWS FLASH: Yugoslavia ceased to exist in 2003, there is no "former Yugoslavia" to talk about it. Republic of Macedonia, nothing else.

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