Monday, 10 August 2009

Bojan feels good playing on the wing

Asked about the upcoming season, Barcelona forward Bojan Krkic (18) has said in an interview with Catalan radio station Catalunya Ràdio that he feels confident at the start of the new year:

"I have been with the team for two years now and I've gone through a lot of things, so I think I'm prepared for everything. I'm capable of playing everywhere.

During my first year with the first team and with the B-team, I've played a lot of games on the wing, so I'm used to it and I feel very comfortable at that position. I think I played well there during the pre-season, so let's hope that the coach saw it and that he gives me a chance on the wing if needed."

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yuti said...

I still think he's better for a 4-4-2 than for a 4-3-3. That seems the main problem. With Henry on the left, he's probably hoping to have more playing time there compared to the centre where there's more competition with Zlatan.

koko=barca said...

I wish he was bigger.

LeónDragón said...

hope that he'll make it, but til' now, for me, he still is not good enough, showing rarely good performances.
but he's still young and has time to become a man and leave the little boy behind, as i mean also his style of play

skanjos said...

the kid knows that with zlatan he will have little playing time on the striker zone,thats why he says that he wouldnt mind playing in wings too,he is great in the wings too .

i think little bojan will get tons of playing time and in the striker zone this year ....zlatan will play all big matches but expect bojan to get a starting spot with smaller teams,pep seems to start trusting the young lad and till now he is doing amazing in preseason (he was amazing in the last liga matches last year too,he has now gained confidence and will show how much talented he is.the same i expect from pedro who now has confidence and is 10x better than he was last year)

Brandon FCB said...

Bojan will play the Henry role, and that is perfect. Henry was a CF, but CFs can be trained into being wingers who cut into a more striker role. Bojan has proved he can do it, so now he will have to settle in little by little with Henry aging. This is the best for everyone on the team.

My word verification word was wings.

Anonymous said...

What position did Bojan play in the youth teams? AFAIK, all our youth teams play the 4-3-3 and same style as the first team. So he was the striker in the 4-3-3 in the youth teams?

Bojan reminds me of a young Pippo Inzaghi.

Anonymous said...

competing with henry and ibra is hard. but in 2 seasons competing with ruben rochina will be equally hard.

fcbee said...

He was striker most of the time. At Barça B, he sometimes moved to the wing, but during his whole time at the youth teams, he was basically a centre forward.

wake said...

i definitely have confidence in bojan, in preseason he made some great passes and runs that put him in the position to score goals... at times his finishing was lacking but with his eye for goal that will turn around

Carrer de Corsega said...

Bojan performed well every time he had the chance last year, especially in Copa del Rey. We would not be having this conversation now if he had put that header in against Chelsea in the first leg.

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