Thursday, 6 August 2009

Medical: Marquez out for 10 to 15 days

Barcelona's medical staff has announced that Barcelona player Rafael Márquez (30) has suffered a fibre rupture in his left calf, the lower backpart of the leg, during yesterday's training sssion previous to the Seattle friendly game.

Márquez is expected to be out for the next ten to fifteen days, which means he will probably miss the first leg of the Spanish super cup against Athletic Bilbao on 16 August.

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Anonymous said...

He just cant stay healthy

Zalset said...

Sigh, why are we having so much bad luck with the injuries/ilnesses (Iniesta) =S

buj said...

I guess that's why Pep want Chygi as a CB back-up and maybe Puyol's future direct replacement as Marquez, I think will no longer be considered as reliable (fitness-wise) even as a back-up. He IMO will be released when his contract expires or be sold to those MLS teams that rate him highly before that.

ponnyKID said...

im a fan of marquez his solid...!! get well soon we need u for la liga! and champions!

Moltisanti said...

I tell you guys, we were very lucky last season with Marquez. I'm afraid he will have a lot more injury problems this season. (like in the 2007/08 season)

ponnyKID said...

marquez 10-15 days
ibra 8-10 days
iniesta 8-10 {hopefully]days to unknown
valdes 3-5days

Zeli said...

already today it's easy to predict starting lineup against Athletic...but maybe pep is going to give a rest some players before GamperCup

Manolo said...

We got to sign a centreback!

Look at Marquez. Now he's getting old and get some injuries!
Next time he's maybe out for 1 month?

I would go for Chygi, he's cheap but can only play in Liga.
Otherwise I would fo for Evans in Man UTD.

Zeli said...

cheap??? deal with maxwell was cheap

Anonymous said...

This is one of the players that some fans are trying to make the point that we do NOT need any more CB . Some people want to count on him as a midfielder as well . He is 30 years old who is injury prone and makes some of the truly DUMB-ASS decisions when put under pressure . Just like Abidal(another dumb-ass) he tends to give away dangerous free kicks and penalties and earns himself yellow and red cards . Not only when playing for Barça but for Mexico too !!

Zeli said...

"Not only when playing for Barça but for Mexico too !!"

This fact shows how important for him Barca))))

Caribbean Hotspot said...

Barca should have sold this guy a long time ago...I hope barca don't renew his contract.

Anonymous said...

haha keep on dreaming Guardiola likes Marquez and they are close to renew his contract so he could retire at barcelona

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