Monday, 10 August 2009

Mata doesn't want to talk about Barcelona

Asked about the rumours linking him with a move to Barcelona (read more here), Valencia left wing attacker and Spanish international Juan Mata (21) didn't want to enter the issue when talking with journalists earlier today:

"I'm now focused on the national team. Every time I get called-up I'm very happy and very grateful to be here and I'm now only thinking about Macedonia, not about any clubs."

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pep said...

P.S. For the Greek people. He said "Macedonia" so I had to translate it that way, guys... ;)

koko=barca said...

Glad you do that, Pep.

Anonymous said...

In a nice way, he wanted to say: Barcelona, no thank you.... :D

Anonymous said...

why don't we go after ever banega?
Dick that he is he's the best cover of xavi/iniesta i've seen.

Marc4barca said...

anon i think he would rather come barca than stay valencia on a youth contract unless valencia give him the 3 mil contract he wants.

barca nike said...

i agree ever banega is good back-up

Jnice said...

Banega isn't quality. Ask Valencia and A. Madrid and they will tell you the same.

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