Friday, 7 August 2009

Valencia holds on to Mata

After the meeting between Valencia officials and Juan Manuel Mata, the father and agent of Valencia left wing attacker and Spanish international Juan Mata (21) (read more here), Valencia president Manuel Llorente has told journalists that all talks on the renewal are postponed and that the club is not willing to sell the player:

"We had a meeting in a good atmosphere. We didn't talk about numbers yet. We asked the player for some more time to look at the contract renewal. We're now increasing the capital of the club. When we will have financial stability, then that will be the time to study several things and the renewal of Mata will be our first priority.

The player has understood our position, he understands that the economic situation is now the most important thing. We have told his father that we count on the player. We know it's a young player, wanted, an international, who has made a lot of progress, with a lot of margin to get better. For us it's important to keep him with us. Barcelona? We didn't talk about possible offers by other clubs."

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barca4life said...

I'm not too devastated. I'd rather we take the money for mata and mascherano and go for cesc and just promote jeffren as cover for the LW and Iniesta can help out as cover for the LW as well as cesc can play in iniesta's position.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, b4l. And there's always Pedro and Bojan.

Anonymous said...

cesc costs 60m. fcuk it.

Unknown said...

No need to haste. All we need for now is cover for Henry and Bojan, Pedro, Jeffren (if not loaned) can rotate between them. After all we need to give them more chances to make the transition to full 1st team smoother when the time comes.

If Pep choose to play Yaya as AM from time to time, Iniesta should be LW as promised. After next season, the situation will have changed. Henry should be relegated as the cover due to his age. By then, if Pep feels the youths are not up to scratch, then we should go for Ribery or preferably Villa as stop gap cover until one of them do.

Either way, Mata could still choose to move here. Then we won't have to spend big next season. Having Mata provides more impetus for Pedro and Jeffren to show Pep, they can be better in competing for a 1st team place against someone their own age.

MAX10 said...

Wow, just like Villa... Valencia does it again.

nook said...

Cool it!

Anonymous said...

Bloody Valencians... Knew this, didn't expect any more of the meeting. In fact I feel that Mata senior is after all only using us to improve his son's contract. May be Mata only wants to go back to Madrid.
I say fuck it. Go for Afellay. At least we would have back up for both winger position and AMF position. Do that Txiki. Give these buggers another lesson, like you gave one to David Villa & to that Deportivo son-of-a-bitch. BTW I'm not blaming Filipe Luis here. That guy I'm pretty sure is gonna be our future LB. May be after 2-3 years :)

LeónDragón said...

sorry, but i have to disagree.
toure and iniesta can't be everywhere, everytime and with so many games and big competition, i think transfers are a must, as pedro, jeffren, etc. proved themselves only against secondary teams and not against the opponents we'll meet at the cl or in our la liga.
rotation is a key, to guaranty an almost physically fresh team, and that needs good players you can count on, especially after hleb is gone and we should not again count on gudjohnsen, who never helped the team.
this season will be much more difficult, as everyone will try to beat the new campeon, the treble-winner.
would be good to count on youth, but maybe too risky, as the competition gets bigger now and we saw how hard it became at the end, with our players slowly getting tired.
and who knows if bojan makes the impact this time?
maybe i'm wrong, what would mean, that also from the financial side it would be best, but otherwise...time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the comment above... Afellay would be interesting... Coz he has qualities to play at either wing and also AMF... so he is a pretty versatile player... The only problem would probably be that he is a little injury prone... IMO

Anonymous said...

what about alexis sanchez, ryan babel or nani. I know none of these have been rumored to Barca recently but who knows whats gonna happen these last weeks of the transfer window.

Unknown said...

@ leon. What I mean there is for LW and only for matches Pep thinks the youths can handle eg. Almeria, Tenerife etc. (not under-estimating but I'm sure Pep knows when to rest the front 3).

As for a midfielder and Chygry, I'm all for them. If a DM is chosen, Pep's plan to play Yaya more upfront will come to fruition esp. against bus-parking teams. A midfield pushing through the center using physical strength in addition to guile. As for Chygry, I'm sure Pep see him more as a CB who gave Barca more cover against aerial threat, a perennial weakness of the team.

Anonymous said...

No surprise there . Valencia's president is a total dickhead . Barça should just forget about trying to make any deals with Valencia !!

Anonymous said...

Sign Chyhrynskiy, Hernanes & Ibrahim Afellay for 50 million... Will send a shiver to the Perez balls. Don Joan , come on!!!
BTW loan out Jeffren to Ajax or some thing.

LeónDragón said...

buj, didn't meant especially you, as i respect your words, as they always were good thaught and sometimes more wise than mine.
you was also right, that it don't need haste, as there are still some games coming, like the one against mancity, where pep can try and prove what's needed.
i think, it's also something, that must be decided wisely and not with too much pressure.

Anonymous said...

We don't neeed Mata, he's not good enough for Barca simply. My opinion is, that we can spend 50 millions this summer, and that money Laporta should invest in some young and world class player. My first chioce is Fabregas, second is Aguero. We have to buy both of them, one this summer, another next year. 50 millions for one of them is not expensive, they can play for Barca for a many years, and i'm shure, they will be so good.
In my opinion, the better job is buying one of them, than buying two players like Mata and Chirginsky.
Aguero can be rotaded with Henry, imagine him and messi as a wingers, they are very similar, with sense for goals, dribling, they are so fast, and in the middle of atack is very strong and powerfull player Ibrahimovic. Henry and Bojan could be back up for some of them.
I think Laport should make offer fo r Aguero, Atletico asking price is abouth 50 million. Cesc is maybe the better option, but i think that's a more complicate, and it will be easyer next year i belive. We have to think abouth future, so we must have that players. For example, Aguero this sumer, and next sumer Cesc (40) millions, Lahm (20) millions, and some world class young central defender (20) millions. Barcelona is great club, and must have the best players. My plan is possible i'think, maybe it seems so expensive, but if we could get that polayers, we will have all positions covered with fantastic young players, and don't need buying expensive players in next 3 or 4 years, and we will get some good players from our youth teams too.
Imagine this team for next year:

valdes, puyol,pique, dani alves, lahm, xavi, iniesta, fabregas, aguero, messi and ibrahimovic

reserves: pinto, maxwell, chirginsky, marques, henrique, keita, busquets, yaya, jeffren, pedro,bojan, kierson

We can also put for sale Eidur,Henry,Keitha, Abidal, Hleb,Caceres

When we get some money for these players, my plan is not so expensive, maybe abouth 60 millions. That's not so much for Barcelona, and we will have so good team for comming years.

Unknown said...

Thanks Leon but wise is a very lofty praise not worthy of my opinions. You can give that to B4L, Ramzi and some others as mine are usually an expression made-up after reading news reports. Nothing new or critical. Thanks anyway.

LeónDragón said...

yes, opinions without negativity and surely from a sober head

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