Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Mata could buy his freedom

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Valencia left wing attacker and Spanish international Juan Mata (21) is considering to buy his freedom.

The player's agent and father Juan Manuel Mata would meet on Friday with Valencia officials to discuss the Mata's contract renewal (read more here). If Valencia's offer isn't enough compared with several other proposals the player has received from other clubs, Mata would want to leave the club.

Valencia would have made Mata senior a few weeks ago the promise that, although the player's buyout clause is 60 million euro, he could leave for a transfer fee of between 18 and 20 million euro°.

Also because of the extremely difficult relations between Valencia and Barcelona after the events surrounding Valencia striker David Villa earlier this summer, the player's father would now think about paying that sum himself or through Brazilian player's agency Traffic, of which he is the representative in Spain. Barcelona would then later sign the player without having to negotiate directly with Valencia.

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pep said...

18-20 million euro =

26-29 million us dollar
15-17 million british pound

barca nike said...

he's better than Ribery get him

MiDO H. said...

i agree with this
but he's not a priority we need a DM and AM before we get him
maybe he can serve as an attacking Midfielder (AM) ?

Anonymous said...

If he comes, he can be use as a RW to maybe... And then Iniesta will stay AM which means he'll have to play at least a few games less, which make him be less fatigued.. Same effect as another AM

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Let's be realistic. He is no wear near as good as Ribery and not better than David Silver. He is a good promising player like Diego Capel but one good season doesn't make you a star. Let's see how he progresses this season. Can Vucinic of Roma play on the left? He is an excellent player.

Anonymous said...

We should get this guy, hes an amazing talent and he can also play AM.
Silva is better "now" but he is way more injuryprone that Mata and he would claim more playing time than Mata.
Mata could serve as Henrys backup for this season and take over next year.

Also I would love sticking it to the Madristas, like whe did with Luis Enrique =)

Anonymous said...

huntelarr for AM he'll cost around 20m n . then we'll use him to smash Real Madrid

Anonymous said...

Valencia In A Mess Again As Dalport Investments Fail To Pay Shares. They have to re-consider selling their prized assets like Villa, Silva & Juan Mata -
Come on Txiki... Just GO for Mata and snatch him for cheap ( around 15-18 I guess ) before EPL clubs come for Villa & Silva.
Also why not Alberto Aquilani!?! He's got a damn powerful shot man. Pep you must be knowing from your Roma days. Aquilani could come for cheap compared to the other transfers of similar potential because he was a bit injury-prone last season. Txiki go for him before the Liverpool sucker Benitez signs him.

Anonymous said...

Anon: Please don't talk about Huntelaar again.

buj said...

I'm divided about this. On one hand if Mata is willing to do what is reported just to get to Barca, it shows his desire to play for us. And if he does get his freedom, the asking price is not that bad as he has proven his ability as a first team player.

On the other hand, at 21 y.o he can only get better if he's given a starting place i.e Henry's replacement. The problem with this is where will Bojan (18 y.o) fit in? I know he sometime plays CF but with Ibra and of course Henry being a more obvious choice, I see Bojan more as a LW to cover for Henry. I guess Pep G see Bojan and Mata (or any future RW) can cover for each other in case of injury/fatigue.

On the right Pedro must be given the chance to develop as a cover for Messi.

I know Pep G rotates player's positions from time to time so I guess having Mata will only benefit Barca.

But if I was to choose, I would prefer we go for Ribery or Villa next season (if the price is right) for our LW. With them already reaching their peak with their age, by the time they're pass their best, Bojan himself would have peaked by then.

Anonymous said...

buj: We can't just risk our play and titles, just so that Bojan and Pedro can play. Look at the quality in reserve that other teams have. We have our 3 forwards, and then only junior players like Bojan, Pedro and Jeffren in reserve. Should we play

Jeffren-Bojan-Pedro against Real Madrid or Chelsea if Henry-Ibra-Messi are all out (injured or suspended)? Is this good enough?

Anonymous said...

Mata is not just a back-up for Henry... In fact he can be back-up for Iniesta as well. Just get mata, a CDM & if possible Chyhrynskij and we are all set. A CDM would prove to be back-up for Toure and Xavi as well because if God forbid Xavi gets injured new CDM and Toure as CM would be good if not great. Mata plays on RW as well, so he would more like a utility player and cannot be any hindrance for any of our youngsters if they really are barca material you see. Since as such we don't have proper back-up for Xavi, Iniesta & Messi buying Mata is one of the very good options we have left.

Anonymous said...

*very few good options to be precise

buj said...

Yes, I too see Mata as a good investment for the future. We can consider him as one of the youth. We can be sure as long as Pep is the coach, Bojan and Pedro will be with the team. That means we have 3 forwards ready in 3-4 years time, which can only be good.

What I want to see is an already proven deadly player in the form of Ribery or better still Villa take over from Henry until such time these young players reach their peak. This is to ensure our continued dominance.

If Mata was to be made a AM/wing utility player ala Iniesta, the better, if Pep thinks he is that kind of player.

Either way I'm for Mata to join us as his price is reasonable and he is a proven good player.

Anonymous said...

BTW if any one still got some doubts about Mata just check his goal against his home-team Real Madrid last season :P He's IMO an almost-finished product :)

Anonymous said...

We can buy him, he will have two or three great seasons and then sell him for 50m when Gai is ready to come in!

HOSNI said...

if he comes to barça it would be the best transfer done this summer by laporta and txixi (yes more important than ibra) Henry is 31 he is often injured we have to manage him as we managed messi last year, and for that we need a good left winger so iniesta can stay in the midfield for good.

mata is also intresting because we dont have a similar classic winger .

Vasco said...

good choice to strengthen LW, henry could be leaving soon anyway and with the first team experience mata has with valencia, he would be a great replacement. oh and agreed, never speak of huntelaar again on this blog. he's a worthless piece of shit.

Mast said...

he'll only bring more QUANTITY for the wings, not any more QUALITY. we allready have iniesta, bojan, pedro and jeffren as cover for henry and messi..

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