Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Bojan has been promised more playing time

Asked about his decision to stay at the club this summer (read more here), Barcelona forward and Spanish youth international Bojan Krkic (18) has said in an interview with Spanish sports weekly paper Don Balón that he decided not to leave on loan after having talked with Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola:

"I've always in the first place thought in terms of playing, not necessarily in terms of going out on loan. I'm young and at my age, one has to play. But it's also true that it's not the same sitting on the bench at 18 than at 29.

Guardiola told me that I shouldn't even think about a loan and that they would give me chances. To have more playing time here, has always been my priority. If you want to triumph here, you have to go through all this. I'm a culé through and through and because of those strong feeling I have, I will fight and try to grab those playing minutes that can help me becoming a full member of the first team."

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TheNotoriousJJ said...

This is great to hear that The Kid's morale is back. Going from how often Frank played him compared to last season's campaign I'm sure the transition must've been difficult. I can't wait to see him further develop the great skill set he already has.

Marcus said...

I think and really hope that Bojan gets more minutes now.

Reason why:
1. Ibra and Bojan playing styles are totally diffrent and will give a bigger change in the game then putting on Bojan for Eto'o.

2. Henry age, he will not play as many games this season as last season and Iniesta is needed (as it's now) in the midfield. Therefor Bojan is the first to replace Henry on the leftwing.

buj said...

Great! Along with Pedro, we have the necessary cover for the wings. With Henry and even Bojan able to rotate with Ibra for the CF role, our next season offensive play will much more difficult for opposing teams to read.

Combine with Pep G's promise to play Yaya as AM more next season, we may even play through the middle using strength of Yaya and Ibra.

Now I want to see JD Santos be slowly integrated into the team more. Seeing how he, and Busquets, are able to orchestrate our moves during this pre-season, filling in for Xavi and Iniesta, I would like them be nominated as cover for our CM even if we found someone in the transfer market.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its just me but I'm not seeing what everybody else is seeing with JD Santos.

So far in the three games I have seen him play it seems as though all of his passes are backwards. And I mean all of them. I don't know if its just his youth and his fear of losing the ball but everything is a one touch pass to somebody behind him. I have yet to see him do something with an attacking mentality.

He does have good touch and seems to find spaces but man he needs to go for it a touch more. But I guess that could be youth.

buj said...

But that is how barca plays. His job on the pitch is control the tempo of the play and keep the ball moving and possession. He does that well for his age and experience, which is why we need to integrate him more. Over time he'll have the confidence to make those "Xavi" game-changer passes more, as Busquets had done to make the Jeffren's goal in LA., and he himself has only 1 year first team experience under his belt.

Either way Santos is still young, 19. He may not need to be included this time around but in a few years time.

Anonymous said...

in a few years time, buj? He is 19. Both Xavi and Iniesta debuted at 18 and was part of the first team squad getting games. Messi was 17. Thiago is one year younger than 2Santos and better IMO.

Anonymous said...

I see your point. But he never goes forward. He needs to gain that confidence and soon. 90% of his passes are literally a first touch pass to the player directly behind him.

As for Thiago. He barley saw anytime for Spain in the U-19 championships which was a little discouraging. He started the first match and didnt see a minute after that I don't believe. However our U-19 d-mid started every game and looked real good.

buj said...

Sergi Busquets got the call when he's 20, and still is only being used as back-up. While we have Xavi, Iniesta, Yaya, Keita and even Guddy, he won't have much chance to develop unless he's given the chance, maybe for cup matches and qualifiers, bit by bit, maybe from next season onwards.

With barca looking for another midfielder, it will be more difficult for him to make the breakthrough, so any chance he gets is important to show his worth.

Bojanibra said...

YES,thats my boy.
i love u bojan

Areign said...

dont see anything in JD santos? that is why you are anonymous

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