Sunday, 26 July 2009

Medical: Marquez, Henry and Maxwell recovering

Since the start of the pre-season, Barcelona players Rafael Márquez, Thierry Henry and Maxwell have been working apart from the squad.

Catalan sports paper
Sport claims that the three players will start training with the group at the beginning of next week. They could then make their game debut during the tour in the United States.

Maxwell is following special program to strengthen the muscles around his right knee, a consecuence of the serious knee injury the Brazilian left back suffered four years ago. Márquez torn the internal and external menisci of his left knee during the Champions league game against Chelsea on 28 April 2009 and was then expected to be out for two and a half to three months (read more here

Henry strained the posterior cruciate ligament of his right knee during the league game against Real Madrid on 2 May and was then expected to be out for at least three weeks. Despite playing the final of the Champions League on 27 May, Henry hasn't yet fully recovered from the injury (read more here).

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Iason said...

So Maxwell isn't really injured? Barcelona are just being cautious? And did Henry worsen his injury in the CL Final? And it has now been three months since Marquez injury so he should be back soon right? The last thing we need is another Milito case...

Anonymous said...

If we get another Milito case, we need to buy Chygrynskij as fast as possible, hopefully for 12 million. Dmytro will love to come to Barcelona of course, all the talk about him not being interested in joining the greatest team in the universe is ridiculous.

His coach, a very offensive minded coach, so it is difficult to be defender in offensive teams, said that Chygrynskij was the best defender in Europe, better than Vidic. We need to move for him, as he is the type we need. A leader with good ball skills, those are the central defenders that do good in our team. Leaders with good ball skills.

luimac said...

stop trying to buy someone.. just don't send Caceres on loan. He is can play any position in the defense line... and that wouldeven give him some more play time and experience if Marquez and Maxwell cant play.

tero said...

We have Henrique also...I hope they get well soon

M10 said...

ouch. look at this picture and you can see the ligaments and other things in their knee that they teared or strained

Anonymous said...

Dude, seriously, all these caceres-lovers here.. He just isn't good enough. Maybe one day he will, but he really isn't know.. He was maybe the worst CB in the Spurs-game, says enough!

I don't say this because i think we need to buy Chygrinsky(or however you write it), because Muniesa & fontas were really good. I prefer a more attacking midfielder as a next target: Fabregas(no more problems with LW,: Iniesta less needed on AM)or Ribery (LW & AM). We wanted a bigger squas (which i always agreed on, Real had a "better" squad if you look at the options, not the starting 11) and with Eto'o gone and possibly even Hleb AND Guddy(thanks for the good years mate).. I didn't get any better..

luimac said...

i know caceres limitations.. yes he might not be a 1st team CB yet.. but no way any of the barca B teens are better than him. So if Pep needs some solid defenders give playtime to the best 1 of the reserves...

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