Saturday, 1 August 2009

Laporta supports salary cap

Talking to journalists in the United Stated, Barcelona president Joan Laporta has said on Friday that the Major League Soccer salary cap can serve as a model for other teams and leagues to control costs:

"There are interesting things that we have to study in Europe, such as a salary cap. Maybe we have to establish some parameters for revenues and players' salaries but maybe not as strict as in MLS."

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skanjos said...

for transfer fees yes.for salary no,thats plain greedy,if someone works he gets paid,there shouldnt be a cap as there isnt in other jobs.we are talking for alot of money here but a salary cap is unethical,imagine putting a salary cap at 7mil ,why should messi get paid only 1mil more than valdes? sorry but i see this as a plea of laporta to bring to europe a salary cap....

Mat said...

If you only cap the transfers, and not the salary, you will create footballers that chance clubs for the large amounts of cash at offer, imagine real madrid, instead of paying 96 million for ronaldo, had only paid 30, and then splashed the rest as salary for him, meaning many soccerplayers would chance to the big money salary teams, that would help absolutely nothing, as the saved transferfee would just be demanded by the players, then valdes will be getting not 6 mill, but 15!!

Anonymous said...

^completely disagree.

in every sports it seems that the ownership or front office is in trouble. in every sports teams are cash-strapped and need to reduce costs. most clubs have debts and most of this comes from outrageous salaries.

it has to be possible to be competitive without a billionaire owner. It makes no sense to me that teams have to go deep into red in order to remain competitive. Also if there is a cap, then a guy like Valdez wouldn't get paid as much as he does and would not earn 1 mio. less than Messi.

You have to also take into consideration that management has all the risk and the player has absolutely no risk.

If he is a bust, its the clubs problem. If he is hurt, its the clubs problem. The player doesn't even have to perform to get his salary.

With all that said there needs to be a relation between the salary cap and the net income. I don't want ownerships to earn all the money either but there needs to be a relation for the salary cap.

They need to find a way to balance it out, so that players get paid but that the teams don't have to go way over board.

buj said...

I guess other teams should learn from the current FC Barcelona board fiscal management rather than following a format created by a low attendence, low exposure league.

One thing that La liga and maybe other leagues can learn from EPL is the distribution of TV rights money between all the teams, big and small, ensuring each other survival and maintaining equilibrium of TV exposure.

That's just my two cents anyway, I'm sure they know better.

sashi said...

all u Indian guys out there, check this out!

lol :)

Areign said... do you know what a salaray cap is. you clearly dont watch mls. a cap is so that all teams have to offer the same salary. there are no big salary teams, everyone is equal. you can usually trade for more salary space by tading players/foreign player spots...etc

in the mls they also have one DP per team which is essentially a supposed superstar like beckham who doesnt count toward the cap. not all teams have one but you can also trade these. all this is in place to avoid what happened with NASL. the league that collapsed which pele played in. the exorbant salaries made the league unmaintainable so it collapsed. at the moment the caps are quite stringent, maybe a bit too stringent, but i cant help but say that what real are doing is taking them straight to disaster, judged by american standards.

Areign said...

awe mutherf- misread part of your post and got confused, that one's on me.

buj said...

LOL Areign... You should've read his whole post before spanking him. Can't help it.. Sorry.. LOL

Maygaess said...

the salary cap is not per player, it is per team. so let's say Barca's salary cap is at 250mln then all players' salaries should not exceed 250mln. messi can get 100mln of that, it doesnt matter.

the thing is this salary cap will limit the number of "highly-paid" players per team. spreading the balance over the whole league.

of course you can pay luxury tax if you exceed the limit. it doesnt mean that you CANT exceed the cap, but it will be costly!

fcbee said...

Not a chance for this to be implemented in Europe. This is just pr talk for the US audience.

Moltisanti said...

There is one problem with the salary cap: teams can (and will) avoid the luxury tax by playing less for a new player, but accidently this player's mother gets a new house, his father gets a new car etc...

So the salary cap could be a solution but in practise it's not working like it should.

zlando said...

and how much do player make on adveritsments? no cap on that!

Truth is - after this summer, if Fifa doesn't do something, European Football will be ruined... a couple of clubs will bring the best, and others will just go broke....

The best run league is the NBA... the stars make tons... but there is a cap

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