Saturday, 1 August 2009

Medical: Green light for Marquez and Henry

Barcelona's official website has announced that Barcelona players Rafael Márquez (30) and Thiery Henry (31) will be available for tonight's friendly game against Los Angeles Galaxy.

Asked about his recovery from a knee injury,Márquez (30) had said at a press conference yesterday that he is back to full fitness and hopes to play a few minutes in tonight's pre-season game:

"After three months out with this injury it's not easy to get back into the rhythm I had before, but I'm desperate to get back onto the pitch. The most important thing for me right now is that I've had no bad feelings in my knee and it seems to have healed okay."

Márquez torn the internal and external menisci of his left knee during the Champions league game against Chelsea on 28 April 2009 and was then expected to be out for two and a half to three months (read more here).

Henry strained the posterior cruciate ligament of his right knee during the league game against Real Madrid on 2 May and was then expected to be out for at least three weeks. Despite playing the final of the Champions League on 27 May, Henry hasn't yet fully recovered from the injury (read more here).

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Anonymous said...

i just figured out something. barcelona had 4 main striker targets. their main preference was ibra. then it was villa, forlan, and benzema. if you remember our initial talks with inter over ibra, they were going well until laporta mentioned maxwell as part of the deal. talks stopped. then the whole villa sgag happened. i think that was just a curtain to actually include maxwell also. our board is actually very smart

Engineer said...

I can't find a single thing about Henry on the official website, am I blind or something?

Hope it's true!

Unknown said...

I didn't see anything about Henry on the web either and the injured ones mentioned were only Ibra and Iniesta ,but anyway I'm really looking forward to this game,I hope he plays.(The bad thing is I have to wake up at 5 am to watch it)

ziom said...

it'll also be 5 am in my country, I'm not going to sleep to make sure I don't oversleep :D

Kman said...

Man I just wish Henry has similar season like the last one, he has fulfilled the role of Dinho very well in LW position. A legend who changed his role from striker to a winger/ Lf in a totally different league at the age of 30 is not an easy thing to do. A true professional footballer. Kudos to him!

sho said...

I am glad these guys are back, tho wish they played some minutes in london

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