Friday, 31 July 2009

POLL: Next priority signing


Anonymous said...

Definitely Don't Know for me.

kilo said...

Left winger for me. But it looks like Guardiola gas another opinion... :)

Anonymous said...


fcbee said...

Puyol and henrique will cover right back, no need to spend for a back-up there. We need to use the little money left to strengthen other positions. I doubt between AM and LW.

Melo said...

we definitely need a polyvalent and versatile midfielder.

God forbid if one of our midfielder are hurt...we have nobody to replace Xavi, Iniesta or Messi.

We should sign a good player that can play several midfield positions especially attacking midfield.

With Guddy leaving, Hleb leaving we have a whole there and once Yaya and Keita are gone to African Nations Cup we are in trouble.

fcboohoohoo said...

Myabe you have been away for a year, but we now have a guy called Busquets...

Loos said...

I think the priority now is a DM or a midfielder! Then a CB!
No wingers will be purchased! Got lot of young talents there

yuti said...

A lot of young talent? Jeffren will go out on loan, Gai is back to the B-team. That basically leaeves us with Pedro to cover Messi ànd Henry.

I actually think we have more talent in midfield than on the wings, with Romeu and Thiago, and maybe Jonathan dos Santos.

BarcaNext said...

As Marquez can cover the defensive midfield position, it has to be Ibrahim Afellay on the wings.

Anonymous said...

for our left midfield we should get luis suarez.

reasons why:

1.he's from ajax
2.he's proven

sbah said...

We can use Bojan on the wing aswell, didn't he play there some games last season..

BarcaNext said...

Suárez has received a lot of negative attention due to the high number of yellow cards he receives. Afellay usually plays as the centre attacking midfielder for PSV but can also play at the right or left side due to his creative qualities. So get Afellay!...

Anonymous said...

We need Mascherano. Yaya Toure can then move to more attacking position like he used to play in previous clubs, Iniesta can play on a left wing then more often too.

GK - Valdes, Pinto
RB - Alves, Puyol
CB - Pique, Puyol, Marquez, Henrique, Milito (?) + Fontas and Muniesa from B team if we are in need
LB - Abidal, Maxwell
DM - Mascherano, Busquets, Keita, Toure
CM - Xavi, Iniesta, Toure, Keita + Jonathan and Rueda can be used
RW - Messi, Pedro + Jeffren
CF - Zlatan, Bojan + Rochina
LW - Henry, Iniesta + Gai

Anders said...

Because of the up-and-coming talents for the AM position, and if Guddie stays, I would go for a qualified LW. Henry has to be striker if Ibra gets injuried, and then Iniesta would be missing as AM if he has to be LW.

mario ch said...

cover for lw: iniesta/bojan/(jeffren)
cover rw: pedro/bojan/(jeffren)
cover cf: bojan

cover am: yaya when he doesnt play in the dm
cover dm: bousquets/marquez (eventually pique)

also iniesta is fragile for injuries

so we need a am!

refter said...

Certainly no centre-back or DM for me, can't believe those are the priorities now (even with Toure and Keita off for some weeks in January). I actually think we might loan someone, since we don't have the funds anymore to spend big, like over 20.

BarcaNext said...

Go for a backup AM. Go for Afellay.

mike said...

Buy hernanes.
hes young, hes skillfull.
he can play as defensive midfielder and as central midfielder.
and he would not be too expensive

Ibra9 said...

Di Maria or Afellay. Pick your choice.

Marws said...

We need a LW! If we buy a LW Iniesta can focus all his energy on the midfield. We have excellent youngsters on the midfield aswell. Busquets, Thaigo and especially Jonathan. Mark my words, Dos Santos will be the next Xavi (unless if he is as stupid as is brother).

The only LW worth mentioning in our youth is Gai, and he is clearly not yet ready. Buy a 27-29 year old LW who is good, but willing to rotate with Henry this season.

Sagerbaf said...

Bring Cesc home!

GK: Valdes, Pinto. (Jorquera)
RB: Alves, Henrique. (Puyol)
LB: Maxwell, Abidal. (Muniesa)
CB: Puyol, Pique, Marquez, Milito. (Henrique, Muniesa)
DM: Toure, Busquets. (Keita, Pique)
CM: Xavi, Fabregas, Keita, J.Dos Santos. (Thiago, Iniesta)
LW: Iniesta, Henry. (Gai)
RW: Messi, Suarez. (Pedro)
CF: Zlatan, Bojan. (Henry, Rochina)


------Bojan------ (Rochina)
Henry------Suarez (Gai, Pedro)
-2Santos--Keita-- (Thiago)
-Marquez-Milito-- (Muniesa)
------Pinto------ (Jorquera)

Hope Guardiola thinks same 8)

Niklas Nyfiken said...

Since Henry is currently our worst player, I don't think we should buy anyone to be a backup for him, but if we buy, it should be someone who has the same class as the rest of the team. I don't think we have the money for that this summer.

buj said...

If it was up to me, I would look for a back-up for Messi, a wing player, specifically a right winger. Eto'o was deadly from the right as shown in the CL final but other than him, we don't anyone deadly enough.

Iniesta, Bojan and of course Henry have shown us the left wing currently has depth.

Next season, depending on whether Yaya plays forward or not, our center midfield will be another avenue of attack ala Chelsea, using strength rather than guile.

With Maxwell playing, he can be used as a maurauding LB, giving another dimension to our attacking play considering we have the lanky Ibra upfront.

So I see a lack of depth for the right wing with Messi without a worthwhile backup.

FCB said...

why are we going to let jeffren go on loan, that is wrong.
he should stay and cover for henry. pedro alone is not enough, and honestly I think that jeffren is the most talanted of all the young player rihgt now.

Anonymous said...

suarez also has stated that he would love to join barca in the january transfer window. just because he gets plenty of yellow cards it doesnt meanwe should get him. look at afellay he is a "mild player" , but how many goals has he scored compared to suarez? also suarez would be a cheaper option than di maria, silva, and ribery

loser said...

the one who did this poll is a naive in information.
Barca won evrything last has the best youth system in the world.
the team is filled with players from academy.
Our youth are extremely talented and would die for the team.
Instead of looking outside we should look inside of us.

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

RIP Bobby Robson !!!

Why do you not write about it, sir Bobby Robson is a Barça legend!!!

He won the cup winners cup at the time Ronaldo played for Barça !!!

Anonymous said...

I don't recommend Suarez from Ajax. Ok., he has some decent moves but he is too selfish. He almost never looks to pass once he is inside or close to the penalty area . He is also a shameless diver . Not a Barça quality . I would rather have Affelay as midfield support !!

fcbee said...

Then you just click the option "none of the above", euhm, loser.

Shbabeek said...

We need Defensive midfielder for sure!

pompompom said...

Left wing. Henry won't be able to repeat last season. I propose a swap Henry-Arshavin!

Sanur said...

The next priority signing should be Hernanes. He can create goals by making wonderful passes, keeps posession very well since he was originally a DM which is also a position he can play, he can cover Xavi when injured he is young too. Apart from that I don't see anyone else, i have seen the other names mentioned on the Catalan press but they cannot possibly be Barca quality. Brazilians naturally learn about ball posession (A Philosophy of Barca). He should cost undr 10 mil because Sao Paolo are doing crap this season.

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

singing..... ?! GUARDIOLA !!!

Manolo said...

We have to manny wingers comming up.

Jeffren,Pedro,Gai.. NO NEED to buy at winger. espacially not a young one.
If we buy one then buy one that's over 25-26.

The realy needed places is
1, Attacking Midfielder.
Cuz what if Xavi gets hurt? Like our passing Engine!
We got to have some heavyClass playmaker. Fabregas would be perfect, he's young and will take Xavis place when he leaving us.
A cheaper option would be Arteta.
He's a own product,he can play our system,got very good passings,freekicks and tech.

2, a Centre back.
Marqueez gets injured,Milito is aint comming back.
Alves suspended.
Puyol cover Alves and Pique and Henrique make the centre lock.

and now? will Muniesa be our first choice on the bench with Abidal or Maxwell?

U have to realise that we had some real LUCK with the injuries this season!

3, DM.
With Toure and Keita leaving us,we only got Sergi as a DM.
A guy that I don't doubt. He's realy good and played very well in CL final. why could he not take the DM role alone when T&K are gone?

IF we buy a centre back and don't get some injuries then Rafa or Pique could go up with Sergi when T&K are gone.

We all know that Mascherano and Toure is worldclass DM!
Maybe the 2 best in the world and can they rotate with Sergi the season after T&K leaves?
I know that all 3 can move up to AM but they are DM and we need some more classy to play in our AM.
I don't think they can rotate.
Could Villa and Ibra rotate in one position in some seasons? no..

Barcafan said...

I agree with Sagerbaf its a good first 11...but they need to bring cesc.. he is very young and a replacemnt for Xavi when he goes :D THEY MUST BRING HIM HOME!!!

Sanur said...

Guys we can completely forget about Cesc this year and next. I just cannot see us buying a Cantera product back for 30 plus million, and believe me when Arsenal sell they do not sell cheap and they definately will not sell their moist prized asset for cheap. The Barca faithfull will not be at all happy if we spend 30 plus on a player we released for free.

Get Hernanes, he will be cheap and can replace Toure for DM and even Xavi to give him a rest (God forbid injuries).

Centr back is a problem and I am not even counting on Milito to ever wear a Barca shirt again plus I was not too impressed with the game reading and positioning of Henrique in our friendlies at Wembley (Fontas despite his age is probably a better option).

Barcafan said...

For me it was a bad thing to buy maxwell... I would buy Lahm for LB that postiion was the worst for us this season abidal is good but not too good for barca class, remember el clasico what have robben him done puyol must come to help now its ronaldo he is better than robben and abidal is old and not good for this postition adn maxwell too.

Iason said...

My head tells me that Mascherano is needed because whenever I think of a Midfield of:




and moving Iniesta to the wings, It makes me jiz! But that is just the starting 11 and if Xavi or Iniesta get a long term injury, we can't expect Jonathan Dos Santos or Thiago or Rueda to be a replacement. Toure and Keita can play well in attacking positions but are not that creative and with Guddy and Hleb almost certain to be gone, we can put pressure on our youth players to preform well for long periods or we can buy a proven, decent, not young creative Mid to cover. Someone like (people will hate me for this but I think it is a great option) Beckham. He is proven in Europe, has great passing, free kicks and crossing, played will in AC Milan and by them time he leaves, Dos Santos and Thiago could be promoted and given a sub role. Another great option could be Juninho. That was is what my heart wants and I know Barca need it more unless Toure and Keita suddenly start being creative and give 10-15 assists a season.

Bond said...

M a bit confused between CAM and CDM. But having toure, keita, busqi and marquez to play for CDM position, i would go for an attacking midfielder. Or may be a left winger. Matias de federico from argentine club huracan is someone i would like to watch. He has very very quick feet and has been touted as the next messi.

Anonymous said...

I wonder whatever happened to the speculation linking us to the winger/forward Ibrahim Afellay... We sure need to sign a winger for we have just 4 in Henry, Ibracadabra, Messi & Bojan, to rotate on our front line which requires a minimum 3 and it doesn't seem safe at all.

I still can't get over the fact that Keirrison is sent on loan already. Should have waited at least until the pre-season is finished. Even if he stayed there's always the Jan transfer window if he really needed to be sent on loan. Pedro ain't yet ready for the famous Barca front line even as a back-up guys :( Pep couldn't trust even Bojan much last time who had been around for like 2 years, I don't think he would dare use Pedro much this season.

I so wanted Chyhrynskiy, that guy being very promising but CB is NOT our priority right now. We are seriously not out of resources for defense and CDM positions. We definitely need a CM who is pretty decent at going forward to cover for Xavi & Iniesta and a decent scoring winger in order to provide much needed rest for our front line next season. God forbid but even a minor knock would prove too much to recover quick from for aging Henry :(

So yeah, a CM & a Winger/Forward first & foremost :)

Josep "Pep" Guardiola i Sala -
We are strikers who defend, we are defenders who attack, we are speed, we are strength, we are effort, we are precision, we are as one... We are Barça

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