Saturday, 1 August 2009

Medical: Green light for Maxwell

Barcelona player Maxwell (27) has received yesterday the green light from Barcelona's medical staff and will be available for the friendly game against Los Angeles Galaxy later today.

After he joined Barcelona last month, Maxwell had been following a special program to strengthen the muscles around his right knee, a consecuence of the serious knee injury the Brazilian left back suffered four years ago.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if we will use him on the left wing sometimes?

trez said...

I don't think so. In a 4-3-3, that's very unlikely. He maybe could play in midfield, but not on the wing. Anyway, no need to switch positions, he'll be great as left-back.

Anonymous said...

That surely is an option. But with the world cup coming do you think he would agree to shift positions much? He would definitely want to get back his position in his national team.

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Sune said...

I saw him and Henry+Marquez do recovering training before the barca-al ahly match.
The poor guys had to run 5-6 laps around the wembley pitch

Anonymous said...

Maxwell has never played in the national team, but I am sure he would like to. But he has played as a winger many times, so maybe Pep would like to play him there sometimes when we need a winger (coming off the bench for example).

Anonymous said...

But he would want to surely... Considering Andres Santos is only good at going forward and NOT defending.

Stag said...

Hope he stays fit, team needs a proper left back. Abidal hasn't been playing very well for most of the time, in case you haven't noticed.

Anonymous said...

i agree with Stag, Abidal has been crap for the last months.
Sylviniho was actually better when he got to play.

Anonymous said...

If starting is solely based on football talent and skill there is no way that Abidal should start ahead of Maxwell . Abidal's days as a starting LB could be numbered !!

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