Thursday, 30 July 2009

Different transfer standards for Madrid and Barca

Why are the transfers of Madrid imperialistic and ours not?

Well... Uuuhm...

We had some necessities.

They just want to sell shirts.

We're Barça and they are Madrid.

Florentino... The Caixa bank...

Next question?

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Don Luis said...

Every club wants to sell shirts WTF.... Messi's right now is probably the most popular jersey in the world, before it was Ronaldinho's.

Laporta should just take those jersey's off the shelf then...

Both clubs have different models, Perez all he think is about $$$

buj said...

Laporta, I think, just need to be more diplomatic in his comments and answers so as not to be bitten back by them in the future.

As for the transfer models, Barca spends within their means while Florentino's RM seem to spend money they don't have which puzzles not just us but the whole soccer world. Even MU CEO, reportedly second only to RM in revenue, have questions as was reported on, if I'm not mistaken.

Personally, I think no body, not even Platini, see Barca's Ibra transfer is beyond our means, by the lack of comments criticizing that deal, knowing full well how it is RM who is the one responsible for inflating the transfer market. Infact it is our own supporters who think so as some see it as over-priced considering Eto'o was also included in the deal.

Eladir said...

Laporta = BIG hupocrite. That's why 60% of Barcelona members wanted him out last summer.

Melo said...

people need to get off Laporta's nuts. WHatever he is or whatever he does, Barca ha experienced one if not their most succesful period of their franchise history.

He has had a nose for the right world stars like Ronaldino or Eto'o for cheap and he has made great decisions with Rijkaard and Pep as coaches...he also has 3 titles in La Liga, 2 Championsleague and a Copa.

if you want more from him, you are an idiot.

per said...

Laporta is full of crap. He needs to learn how to shut up.

Otherwise he's an awesom president.

rahul said...

barca talk so much about values and all that bull shit but being a barca fan i say laporta and barca have no right to comment on madrid's on anyone else's transfer, seriously atleast madrid arent hypocrites. big talks and themselves sign a player for more than 70m euros. and saying that 1 yr left on etoo's contract so thats teh reason he was valued 20m euros is bullshit.

our board should feel ashamed about commenting on other clubs transfer policy, dont be embarrass yourself like ferguson does.

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