Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Final proposal for six years term for president

The details of the proposed new club statutes of FC Barcelona, which will be presented for approval to the representative assembly on 19th August, have been published.

The modification of Decree 145/1991, which regulates the constitutions of clubs and sports associations, was approved by the Catalan Parliament last November. It established that the term of office of governing boards may not be less than six years nor more than eight. The new decree requires clubs to adapt their constitutions before new elections.

The club now proposes that the term of office of the board of directors will be for six years (instead of four years until now), starting on 1st July and finishing on 30th June. The president of the Board may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. Residence in Catalonia will be a necessary precondition to be elected president.

read more about the proposed changes to the club's statutes here

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Sune said...

Guess I'm not going to run for president then

fcbee said...

You can always change your residence... ;)

Nery said...

This is the road to Dictatorship! No more than 4 year each term!

groga said...

It's not possible, Nery, it should be between 6 and 8 years according to new catalan legislation, that's why they had to change it.

And not so long ago there was even no limitation at all, you could just renew and renew, like Nunez did.

SJP said...

6 years is fair enough but 12 years is far too long for one man to be president, thats a players entire career.

is there any chance laporta can run an extra two years then? ideally i'd like him to run two more years then get voted in for another six, he is a man i would trust to run the club for 12 years.

fcbee said...

No, the new rules would start from the next elections, so Laporta is definitely out. He wouldn't want to renew anyhow, he has other plans.

The only other option basically was to get one term of 6, 7 or 8 years, so don't know what's best. There's always the re-election after 6, so socios can vote you out then.

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