Sunday, 26 July 2009

Henrique and Gai on first team debut

Some players who made their debut with Barcelona's first team on Friday spoke after the Tottenham game to Catalan radio station Catalunya Ràdio.

I felt comfortable out there, I was calm. I arrived last week and I'm getting to know my team-mates. I'm confident that I will keep on adapting step by step to the way of playing.

Gai (picture)
I'm happy that I'm here because it's really special to spend time with all these players. Before I went on, Guardiola encouraged me. He told me not to be nervous, to play and attack like I always do. I've always tried to make an attacking move, you have to try to grab your chances.

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FCBlaugrana said...

I hope Gai wows us vs. Al Alhy. Henrique needs to play well also as it would give him the confidence boost he needs.

Also watching Jonathan Dos Santos, Rochina & Jeffren.

Je me'appelle Samuel said...

I'm pulling for Oriol...I like him 4 some reason

iBlau said...

I'm pulling for all of them.

AHHH....our B-team is stacked!!!

Iason said...

Future front line options:






All look great!

Anonymous said...

Iason: Where is Iniesta? He is best at LW where he has less defensive duties than central midfield! What happens if Keirrison tears up La Liga and scores 40 goals for Zaragoza or whoever will loan him? Will Keirrison accept to come back and sit on the bench for Ibra?

Iason said...

Iniesta is more useful in Midfield where his connection with Xavi is irreplaceable. And when I said future front line, I meant in 4-5 years. Iniesta will already be 30 and probably be better off in the Mid where vision, passing and experience is more needed rather speed and dribbling required to be a winger.

Our Midfield in 4-5 years will be:

Thaigo(Iniesta replacement) J. Dos Santos(Xavi replacement) Sergio Busquets(Toure replacement)

R10FCB said...

assulin, thiago, j. dos santos and muniesa are the names i expect to see in barca's future line-up.

tero said...

Man our b-team is way too talented :D anyone knows when the al-ahly game is

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, let's be serious..

There are some talents here, like gai, muniesa(!!!), bojan, jonathan, oriol.. But the odds are small they will all be good enough and be in the first squad..

Problem with big teams, luckily not as much for barca, is that youngster don't have that much time to get even better.. You have to be ready at once! Barca can't let them play when they are just not ready enough. Some players just need some more time to adjust to the speed of the barca game, and some of them who need more time are not willing to stay at a club where they won't play enough..

So, guys, we've proven to have the best youth academy in the world in Rome, but 1) they can't all become first team'ers, let alone legends, 2) some of them just aren't good enough..

What i saw at Wembley
1) Muniesa, Fontas & Bojan
2) Gai, Rochina & Henrique

Best youth players we have

tero said...

Anon,Henrique is not a youth player(22),he's already played in Leverkusen on loan

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