Friday, 31 July 2009

Pedro prefers to stay despite several loan offers

Madrid sports tabloid As claims that newly promoted Spanish first division club Tenerife is still interested Barcelona wing attacker Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma (22) (read more here).

Tenerife sports director Santiago Llorente would be willing to wait until the end of the summer transfer window to try to sign Pedro on loan.

Asked about the rumours, Pedro confirmed the interest of Tenerife and other clubs in an interview with the tabloid: "They asked Barcelona about a loan and I'm proud about that. It's an honour. Other clubs have also shown interest in a loan. I would nevertheless prefer to stay here, although in football you never know what can happen.

Next season, I want to be useful and play a bigger role. I would like to be more important and help the team to repeat last season, which is difficult but not impossible. We have a long season ahead of us, with a lot of competitions and a lot of games. I know it will be difficult to play but I want to try it, although the final decision will mainly depend on the coach. We've not yet had a long talk but he had already said some things. The most likely thing is that I will stay with Barcelona."

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buj said...

IMO if we are to loan him, I would prefer if he was to go to a team that plays with wings (4-3-3) so he can play regularly on the right. That way if he returns next season or two, he can back-up for Messi.

At 22, he's still young but doesn't have much time left to develop especially for a Barca forward position player so either he gets to back-up our current squad now or go to a first-rate offensive team.

barca nike said...

He should stay he's better than Jeffren

Sanur said...

The last thing we want is for Pedro to go on Loan, jeffren ain't ready so to loan Pedro is definately is NOT a option.

Marws said...

Jeffren ain't ready? He is no good. At the age of 21 if your not ready to even be a backup I don't think he will ever make it.

Anonymous said...

I think we should keep Pedro . He needs more playing time so Messi can get some rest unlike last season where he was run into the ground by both Guardiola and Maradona !!

Akram said...

what does that tattoo on pedros left arm say? what kind of scripture is that? anyone have an idea???

Akram said...

what is that tattoo on pedros left arm of???
anyone know???

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