Friday, 31 July 2009

The Front: Sport


He's totally involved with the club but he thinks now's not the time

Guardiola wants to focus on the team and wait until the end of the season

Ibra will start training on Monday


sho said...

Didnt Eto say something similar?

groga said...

And didn't Cruyff say: "If you have one year left, or you renew or you're out?"... ;)

Anonymous said...

Pep said that he didn't want to limit the next president's options if Pep turns out to be completely crap this season. Didn't he say something like that?

fcbee said...

He wants to have his hands free. It's a tiring job...

Søren Mortensen said...

I remember him saying that he gave 200% in this job and that he couldn't do more than 2 years.
I think this was just to cover himself, in case his early succes (last fall) wouldn't last.

Later I've read that he wants the new president to have his hands free, in selecting a new coach.

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