Friday, 31 July 2009

Chygrynskiy dismisses Barcelona rumours

Asked about the rumours linking him with a move to Barcelona (read more here), Shakhtar Donetsk defender and Ukrainian international Dmytro Chygrynskiy (22) has said in an interview with his club's official media that he's focusing on football issues:

"I don't want to talk about any transfers now. I want to talk about football. I don't know anything. I'm training. If something changes, I'm sure it will be discussed.
Because if things happen, the president usually informs the player and he talks to the coach.

And the coach also talks to the president. He can see and knows how the press rumours can affect players. Personally, I communicate a lot with the president. The last time was before the Champions League qualifier. If there was something concrete, I don't think I would have played on Wednesday."

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Melo said...

even if it was just because of his name...I wouldn't want him at Barca lol.

honestly tho, I hate the idea to bring in 21,22 year old players. Most likely they will be reserves and the problem is if those guys don't play, they won't develop and its wasted money.

Either you need to get 17 year olds...then you can afford to sit them for a couple of years or you have to bring in players that are already ready and don't need to sit on the bench.

Now Henrique for example...he will be on the bench and he won't get any better there, nor will he become more confident or gain experience or raise his game...he will remain on the bench and the general conclusion is he isn't good enaugh and needs to go.

In reality IF HE WOULD PLAY, he could probably become good enaugh but once you are always on the bench, you certainly can't progress.

Chygrynskiy would have been Caceres 2.0 because he wouldn't play and sooner or later shipped out. Thats wasting money and the ceiling of a player.

Anonymous said...

Melo: Chygrhyinskhiyj is already the captain of the UEFA cup winners. The way you argue, you would have been against getting 21 year old Pique last summer too while getting Hleb would be a good solution because he is 28 years and ready? Not to mention that those type of players want to play, while younger players are more likely to accept a squad role.

Anonymous said...

Now that we are more or less losing out on Caceras, I say go for Chyhrynskiy man. It's not like he's had just ONE good year. He's been around for quite some time, got good experience in Europe and national level as well. Don't want to lose out on another gonna-be-great :(

Melo said...

^I wasn't against getting Pique.

I knew Pique is an option to become a starter.

But seriously, who is gonna sit in favor of Dimitro? Puyol or Pique? not gonna happen. With that said Pique was the same type of player as well but as a catalan player, he was supposed to adapt quickly and become a regular starter (especially with Milito hurt).

So to compare Pique with Dimitro is not fair IMO. And the difference is also Pique was just 5 mio. € and Chygrynskiy will be 20 mio. €.

so IMO its not fair to compare those 2.

With that said I was completely against signing Hleb. I live in GErmany and I had seen 5 years of Hleb. He was destined to FAIL simply because he is a playmaker and with Xavi and Iniesta, it was crystal clear that he will be a bench warmer.

When I talk about players that are ready, I mean players that will be sure fire regular players like Alves, Ibrahimovic, Eto'o, Deco, ...

not necessarily most hyped stars in the world but guys that were going to break out here at Barca.

You simply cannot pay 20+ mio. Euros for players that MIGHT become good enaugh and might not. Either you gamble on really young guys or you go after proven talent. Thats when you are FC BARCELONA. You can't give players too much time to adapt. Barca is never a "rebuilding" team. Its a "retooling" team at best. It was to always win and it can't afford to bring in players that cannot get the job immidiately done.

If Dimitro comes for 5 mio., then fine I would gamble on him. But not when you pay 20 mio. for him and you KNOW that Pique and Puyol and Marquez WILL be ahead of him and that signing him automatically will mean the exit for Henrique.

Also knowing that guys like Fontas or Muniesa might join the first squad soon, I'm just not sure it will be worth it.

BarcaNext said...

You guys don't seem to understand..the whole point of buying Chygrynskiy was to push Marquez to the defensive midfield role and take up his place in the defence, as Toure and Keita are going to ANC in January. He would supposedly backup for Marquez, and not to Pique or Puyol.

Anonymous said...

Pique was far from sure on a starting spot when we got him. Marquez, Puyol, and the 17m Caceres looked far more likely to play, and Milito was expected to be back in the second half of the season. So you can't say that you hate to bring in 21-22 year old players. I don't think it is so much about age that makes you against the signing of Chyghrhyinskhyij, but rather the steep price. Would you have been for it, if he was 26? I don't think so. We have to bring in players that can be squad players and do a good job when called upon. Signing 17 year olds as our bench material is not an option. We never sign 17 year olds anyway.

Sanur said...

Look if Chygrynskiy wanted to come to us then he would have ensured he doesn't play in the CL qualifiers. The truth is like Hleb he wants to spend time in a low life club and be the big fish, he knows he will be overwhelmed so does not want to take on the challenge of being at the worlds BIGGEST football club.

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