Saturday, 1 August 2009

West Ham sets Gudjohnsen deadline

British tabloid The Sun claims that West Ham has set a deadline for the transfer of Barcelona attacker and Iceland international Eidur Gudjohnsen (30).

The English Premier League club would want to find out this week if they can sign Gudjohnsen and is ready to push for a response from the player. The Icelandic striker could chose to leave Barcelona to get more playing time.

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Anonymous said...

If west ham is willing to accept his salary demands,what is he waiting for? It's not like he is getting more playing time this season in west ham he would be a star player

Anonymous said...

Other truth is that, if we sell him, we need to buy another midfelder, and everything we want to buy is over 10 mil. that ukrain defender, he is not woth 10 mil, but they want 20 or 25 mil!!!

Manolo said...

He's a great rotatio player.
Like his passing skills against Tottenham I think, realy good.
and his longpasssings to Pedro or Jeffren was good to.

I think he wants stay cuz he got is childs in Barca academy and he can likes the city,hot climat and so one.

The only thing why he would move is to get more playtime.
Like his childrens have to adapt to england,new language and stuff.
He's mature and I think he putson his family in the first hand.

groga said...

Next year they'll have to adapt anyway, Manolo. You can't see us offering him a renewal, right? So that's not an argument. Maybe on the contrary: the longer they stay, the more difficult it will be to adapt elsewhere...

He's a decent player, but he adds too little for the salary he is getting. That salary is also be the reason why he's staying because he'll have to cut it in two or three if he joins West Ham.

Marc4barca said...

adapt to england? wasn't he playing in england before he came to barcelona, his family already know the english lifestyle so that definitely ain't an excuse. i say let him go and sign someone... anyone for a good price.

mike in africa said...

ND 1 of the best from the preseason games, excellent passing to set up clear cut chances... i stil say he's way ahead of our youth prospects in terms of maturity from wat i saw. good enough to be a backup!

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