Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Mascherano wants to join Barcelona

Asked about the rumours linking Liverpool defensive midfielder and Argentine international Javier Mascherano (25) with a move to Barcelona (read more here), the player's brother and players' agent Sebastián Mascherano has repeated in an interview with Catalan radio station COM Ràdio that the midfielder wants to join Barcelona:

"Javier wants to join Barça because it would be the best for him and his family, so he hopes the deal can go through. One of the reasons is that he wants to play alongside Messi. I'm sure that Messi and Javier have talked about this. Leo is one of those who have most insisted so that Javier could play at Barça.

I don't know what could happen but at this moment it looks like he will continue at Liverpool. If Barça really makes a good financial offer, I nevertheless think that Javier could in the end leave Liverpool. But if that interesting bid doesn't come, they probably won't let him go. Let's hope it will be possible. Negotiations can go really quick these days and you change clubs in one day."

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Moltisanti said...

We can forget Chygrynskiy, he played in Shakhtar in the second half.
So I guess it's time for plan b: keep Marquez and Pique as CB-s and sign Mascherano.

KluivertsBoots said...

I don't see how this will be possible, especially with Real after Xabi. No way Rafa lets his midfield cover walk, no matter the money. It would be difficult for him to find suitable replacements. Obviously, we would not be cut any deals.

fcbee said...

I think it's really clear the player wants this to happen. His agent has also already made statements like this. This sure is no coincidence. Although I think it's unlikely too. We're already over our budget...

Moltisanti said...

Benitez will let go only one of his midfielders.

If we have deal for Mascherano before Real has for Xabi Alonso then we can sign him. Otherwise it's impossible.

DM0 said...

It would be great if he came to Barca, he is a very good player. But Liverpool can´t sell both Alonso and Mascherano so maybe it is a race now between Barcelona och Real to get their player.

Anonymous said...

bid 30M for him please!
he definitely worth this.

Sune said...

Waste of money, we're fine on the DM position. We are not world class there but good enough

LeónDragón said...

mascherano is a must. he would make us invincible

Manolo said...

So much to think about before we buy him..

Well as u guys say if we want him we got to get him very fast cuz Benitez aint going to let them both run away.

And with Mascherano we would be.. I don't have words for this but Greatest of al time.

Not just if he come, just freaking look at our team, Ibra,Xavi,Iniesta,Messi,Alves,Toure,Puyol,Pique,Henry etc etc.

Mascherano would give us more balance but 3 DM?
Pep told some papers that Toure could play AM if needed.
He's very skillfull but have him as a AM reagually is not in my mind.
Can he keep up with the tiki taka game in front? he can do it in the midfield..I would rather have Sergio as a AM than Toure.

But next year, It's no African Tour then. And with 3 DM's?

Hope we get this guy or Fabregas.
max price for Mascherano should be like 30-35€
Is he worth it?

Iason said...

Laporta asked for a CB-Henrique+youth players, LB-Maxell, Striker-Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and a Midfielder-Mascherano! If we get him, Ramzi`s ideas would have come true. I remember him saying he wanted Zlatan and Mascherano. I hope Ramzi`s ideas are succesful.

Anonymous said...

If he stops begging, he's welcome ;-)

I think we could use him, with his one player, we don't have to buy a DM and an LM.. he could(!) give a lot of options

Touré and or Busquets to DM (when needed, because we still have Marq, Puy, Piq, (Mil), (Muni), (Abi) & ( Fontas)).

Mascherano can play more attacking as well (played in three man midfield in liverpool and was allowed to go up), Sergi has experience as a more attacking & Touré has the skills to do so..

This means Iniesta can play on the LW when needed without weakening the three-man-midfield.

And he is only 25! Because, with all do respect for Touré, but i've got a feeling he's not the most loyal player. I absolutely adore, but i can't see him staying for more than 2/3 years now..

Busquets has talent, but not yet good enough to be "the main man", he can play one good game, but 10-15 in a row? Don't know..

Anonymous said...

A bit off topic, but..

imagine a barca-player openly saying he wants to join this or that club i the media.. We wouldn't like it. And even if Barca isn't behind this (what i believe), we wouldn't believe it from another team

Anonymous said...

As i see it

Chygryskiy: with him playing in the CL for shaktar, we won't be keen on paying a huge sum for him: case closed for this year

Fabregas: Arsenal let adebayor and touré go, so they don't need the money and will not be eager to let anyone else go, especially Fabregas

Ribery will only go for a lot of money, which we don't have, and his agend (or the player) wants to join RM (which we pretty much hate)

With Guddy maybe going out, Hleb certainly going out & Keita + touré gone for a few months maybe, we really need a midfielder, almost desperately! A bit more than we need a CB (we might get one, if there is a opportunity)

Masscherano is a name that has been circulating a lot.. And we can say that Maxwell and Ibra came quite surprisingly, but both names had been circulating.

We tried to sign Chygrynskiy, won't work, now we go back to Mascherano or Poulsen

But if Real sign Xabi, which they want and might.. It would become very hard..

Then we need to look for a second choice, but for third, fourth or maybe even fifth. Certainly without money, because not much left..

Anonymous said...

Anon: This guy is the captain of Argentina. Of course such a player will always have a dream to play for Barcelona instead of the awful city of Liverpool. Latin players will never stay in England for very long.

Anonymous said...

i think cambiasso will be better option cheaper and very barca like


Anonymous said...

Cambiasso? are you kidding me? I will respectfully decline. We don't need any Real rejects.

Kxevin said...

If we are going to move for Mascherano, it had better be quickly, before the Xabi Alonso deal (said to be very advanced....or not, depending upon who you ask) happens. Because once that deal does, Mascherano isn't going anywhere for anything less than crazy ducats. Even now, I'd expect 30-35 to be the magic number.

Sweden - Barcelona said...

Buy Fabregas instead, he is brilliant! The problem in signing any player is that we both has the best offensive and defensive midfielders in the world. Should Fabregas come to Barcelona we would have all three best offensive, and neighter one of them can be on the bench!?

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