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[2008] Oleguer's goodbye letter to Barcelona

this post was published exactly one year ago:

When I arrived at the Camp Nou I saw one of my greatest dreams come true. From an early age I dreamed of wearing the Barça shirt; I used to imagine the Camp Nou at full capacity and me playing for the league title, surrounded by magnificent players, and helping win by scoring one, two or three goals. Obviously not everything is possible, but what had only been a dream a few years before, became reality on the 13th of November 2002: to play for Barça and be able to celebrate with everyone involved in Barcelona the teams successes.

I arrived without much fuss, with a desire to learn and give my very best in order for the dream to continue. Aware of my faults and virtues, but above all bearing in mind that what allowed me to play in this team was the desire to do well and the feeling that makes you give your all on the pitch. We all know that there are days when things go well and others not so well but the will to improve and the effort have been inseparable companions along the way. A few years in which I have enjoyed unforgettable experiences, like the title-winning celebrations on the streets of Barcelona and the Camp Nou, or winning the Champion’s League in Paris. But these moments would mean nothing without the little details that go along with them: the signs of joy, the support, and the warmth of the people, the complicity with my team-mates, the jokes, the hugs and above all knowing that each title has been the culmination of a years work, the team and the fans together.

Thank-you to all those who shared these experiences with me, without them it would not have been possible.

I’ve tried to show myself as I am. I’ve tried to act professionally coherent with my ideas. I’ve never enjoyed being the centre of attention for the press but this is not why I refuse to express my feelings. We all have our own and it is good to be able to express them and talk about them freely and respectfully in order to understand others and put ourselves in their skin. I think it is the best way to move towards a tolerant society.

My declarations have often been used to create problems, they have tried to read between the lines with things I haven’t said and misinterpreted others out of context. Throughout these years I have merely expressed my will to improve the society in which we live, still full of injustices, inequality and problems to be solved.

Thank you to all those who made an effort to understand and respect me, whether they agreed with me or not.

I say goodbye therefore with a letter, without making a noise, just as I arrived. I am going to Amsterdam to live a new experience and I hope to enjoy the minutes I haven’t had recently and help my new team to success. I think now is the time to do so and a good opportunity to experience other cultures, other languages, a new club, new team-mates…Definitively, a good way to continue growing in every way.

Therefore, it only remains to say that I will be among the millions of anonymous heads who celebrate my dream teams’ victories together. Thank you for everything.


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one year ago, readers said...

Anonymous said...

Very Intelligent speech/letter.
This has just made me respect Oleguer more. Doesnt sound like a footballer, sounded more like a politician/motivational speaker/human rights activist.

All the best mate.

Anonymous said...

That he's going to be amongst the million anonymous fans from now on. For some reason that phrase impressed me.

Anonymous said...

Even though he wasn't among the best players in the squad he was among my favourites and he were a first team player during the golden years, lets not forget that!

Ramzi Tanani said...

To Anon1, well actualy u r not far from the truth, Oleguer the person has much more quality than the footballer, he is a very active person specialy in everything related to his case as a catalan, some may agree with him others may not, but in this era of shallow mentalities, guys like him with "issues" to live for r rare and must be respected.
I cant deny that i feel relaxed he left, even though he was a model of proffessional player, but its too bad that life wasnt fair with him regarding tallant and football quality (not on barca standards i mean, because he is still a good signing for ajax).

cojonudo said...

Say what you will about Oleguer's individual talents, the fact remains this IS a man's man!

How many public figures, let alone atheletes do you run into that are not afraid to speak their minds and take a "controversial" stance because of their personal beliefs? Not many.

Sure, Oleguer had his defeciencies on the pitch, he wasn't the greatest talent, I'll be the first to admit that. But as a man of character and principle he had few peers. While his departure may be welcomed by some who only view the man through a narrow prism, his "impact" on the community and the region of Catalunia itself cannot be understated.
I wish him the best of luck in his footballing career and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Oleguer was really the worst player I have seen in my life. Happy that you left and Good Luck Olegure.

Anonymous said...

Oleguer is a legend!

Good Bye Letter said...

Oleguer is a very good player. Miss you Oleguer.

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