Friday, 31 July 2009

Picture of the day: Guardiola and Ibrahimovic

Further instructions for Ibrahimovic.


FCBzalona said...

Zlatan WILL make it, no dout... Str8 Chamman bl

Barca_Ultras said...

Zlatan has never failed wherever he went, he will be a big games player with a big game team. Inter were never a big game team so how can they do anything!!

Anonymous said...

With Xavi and Iniesta behind him,he'll score at least 30 goals.

Anonymous said...

Ibra-Messi with the two best playmakers in the world. How can this fail? It will probably be completely crazy. The only problem is squad depth

Klaustrus said...

Just want to post a thing here, to all the Ibra-doubters out there.
When Zlatan played in Malmö FF, here in Sweden, he produced.
When Zlatan played in Ajax, he produced.
When Zlatan played in Juventus, he produced.
When Zlatan played in Inter, he definateley produced.
Now when he plays in Barca, he will surely produce!
He has the world's two best playmakers behind him. and one fully capable to his right. In Inter, he had to do everything on his own, and yet, he scored 25 times in the league.
Just want to say thanks to Eto'o as well. He has done a lot well.

Anonymous said...

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Sílvia said...

Guardiola does not rest at any time .- As Ibra could not do physical exercise, 'plays explore the tactics.
greetings. I hope my blog.

Anonymous said...

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¡Yo Soy Culé! said...

Hope Zlatan does well! Can't wait to see him in the Gamper!

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