Monday, 4 May 2009

Medical: Marquez underwent surgery

Barcelona player Rafael Márquez (30), who got injured during last Tuesday's Champions League game against Chelsea after tearing the internal and external menisci of his left knee (read more here), underwent surgery on Saturday morning.

Doctors Ricard Pruna and Ramon Cugat told afterwards at a press conference that Márquez will be out for two and a half to three months, which would mean he'll be in the last stage of his recovery when the pre-season starts in July.

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noubarca said...

We all wish Rafa a quick recovery. he is the link between def and midfield. tho Pique is learning fast

Dan R said...

as soon as i saw him flinching on the field i knew he tore up his minisci... hehe knee problems run in my family... me, my brother and my father all got it...

shame on him...

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