Saturday, 1 August 2009

Squad takes humble approach

As the new season draws closer, Barcelona players Carles Puyol and Dani Alves both know that it is important not to let last year's successes go to their heads.

Dani Alves, appearing alongside Carles Puyol, spoke with the kind of modesty that typified him last season. "We will try to keep the same level as last season. It won't be easy but we'll give it a try."

"We won't win anything if we aren't humble." Simple but direct. That's Carles Puyol speaking in his first press conference of the season, part of the presentation of the game with LA Galaxy. With the three trophies won last season on display, Puyol said it is important "to keep our feet on the ground" rather than make predictions about how many of the six potential titles they can win.

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FCBdara said...

thatś right guys just keep doing what you do the best and don´t worry about others,play game by game and the trophies will come,good luck and hope many happy memories in 09/10 season!

Gorga said...

"WTF?!? Why are you slowing down! Do I have to stick my feet up yours?!?"

Iason said...

Real Madrid lost to Juve but I have to credit them. Now, I am not worried that I will fall asleep watching them. But their defense is even worse than last year, although Sergio Ramos, Raul Albiol and Arbeloa weren't there and they are sure to be starters next season.

Anonymous said...

where was cr9 during the match? ok one penalty...then...nothing...

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