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[2008] Barcelona president reopens door for Eto'o

this post was publised exactly one year ago:

Asked about the situation of Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o (27), Barcelona president Joan Laporta didn't exclude any longer at a press conference on Monday that the striker could continue next season:

"The behaviour of Samuel has been good and I'm very happy for that. Apart from the technical decisions that could be taken, I'm satisfied with the behaviour of Eto'o. The rest is the responsability of Txiki.

Every team would like to have a motivated Eto'o in the squad. But some things happened so we have to make a serious analysis. We thought that selling some key players was the appropriate thing to do but in this world of football nothing is unchangeable. In the case of Eto'o, I don't think his situation is irreversible. The technical staff will have to decide and the football arguments should prevail. The mental and physical recovery of the player will be decisive in the final decision."

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one year ago, readers said...

Hadi said...

Barca should do everything to kepp Eto'o cuz there is no striker better than him in the market!!! Eto'o loves Barca and I think this season he will be shine again and prove himself once again...BARCA & ETO'O 4LIFE

Anonymous said...

Yeah i cant understand why they want to sell him...hes the best in his position....last season 18 games - 16 goals! They better sell Henry to Manchester if they place a bid, keep Etoo as 1st striker, Bojan as Backup and Pedro as third striker.

Anonymous said...

Not to be rude or anything, but you still dont know why they want to sell him after the text you just read before you commented?
It says pretty obvious that the footballer skill has never been the problem, but the mental part and the motivation.
You should read the text one more time.
I hope he stays! But we still need a Drogba look a like player. And 4 Centre Forwards are to many.

Louis said...

i really hope he will stay... by the way is any of the B players currently playing with the first team likely to get place in the squad for the season? i'm wondering if the left winger transfer(silva or arshavin) is really necessary as Jeffren and Pedro seem to offering quite some talent as well... and hleb, henry, bojan and iniesta can all play the position as well so... anyway, it would be a pity if their future would be spoiled...

Anonymous said...

keep him is the best they can do

blaugrana-till-i-die said...

I really dont know why barcelona treat eto'o this way. his high wages are well justified. but all this humbug in the press about how they dont need him hurts their image more than anything. they should offer eto'o a new deal depending on his performances next season.

djoef said...

Eto'o first man and Henry can fight it out with Bojan to be his sub. Is it that hard?

Kxevin said...

Yes. Let's do everything to keep Eto'o. That way we lose lots of money when he goes on a free transfer, or we have to sell him next season for something around Dos Santos money to keep from having him go on free transfer.

But he's presented the world with absurd salary demands, which in effect scuttle any reasonable offers from other teams. This explains why we have received no serious offers for Eto'o, and will not receive any.

And so he stays, even though Guardiola doesn't want him. Yes, the team has told Eto'o he isn't wanted, but don't make it sound as it it's one-sided. Eto'o has complicity in this mess, as well.

In an ideal world, a player would be told that he isn't wanted any longer. The team would then lower its asking price if necessary, to facilitate the transaction. The player would figure out a reasonable salary, negotiations would ensue, and off he goes, happy as a clam.

But we don't live in an ideal world. So Gudjohnsen turns down an offer from West Ham for undisclosed reasons, the real reason being he'd rather sit on the bench in Barcelona than play for a mid-table side in West Ham. Makes sense from the player's side, right?

Eto'o, when reached for comment about possible transfers, etc, says "I'm on holiday. Don't bother me. I'll deal with it when I get back." Then he gets back with a month in the transfer window, does nothing except make a salary demand that no team in its right mind will pay.

What a mess. I know that people love Eto'o. I'm a big fan of his as well for what he's done for the club, and his talent. But this situation is a mess for the club, the entity that has to get better to resume winning silver.

one year ago, readers said...

cojonudo said...

Once again I have to agree with Kxevin. Even if Barcelona hold on to our "beloved" Eto'o the fact remains that he's either going to be sold at a cut rate price before next season or leave for free in 2010 once his contract expires. Regardless of how much Eto'o's tries to impress Barcelona have absolutely no intention of renewing his contract.

So even if keeping him for arguments sake because "their is no other better alternative out there", keep in mind that his time is already ticking at Barcelona.

And as Kxevin has already mentioned "you" - the same people who are passionately behind Eto'o staying at the club, better not be the same one's bitching about him leaving for 10mil next season, or worse, for FREE in two years time! Loyalty, it seems can be a double edge sword.

Louis said...

him leaving for 10million next summer or even for free the one after if he stays isn't set at all in my will all depend on his performances this season. and if he does well, why shouldn't he get a renewal, he's just 27. no one will think of a 10million sale or a free transfer then. of course, i don't know what pep and txiki are thinking but and if they really want to sell him that desperately which i don't quite understand but if he ends up staying, it doesn't necessarily mean that we'll have the same situation next summer... one year can change a lot

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