Friday, 31 July 2009

The Front: El Mundo Deportivo


It's clear to Guardiola that Messi stays the number one

Pep thinks the priority is to have good 'feeling' between the stars

Top Secret: It was Zlatan who asked to travel to the United States


creus said...

I don't get the whole Messi - Ibra talk. As far as I'm concerned Ibra is our fourth - maybe even fifth - biggest star.

Marc4barca said...

well i guess he is determining it on media hype and not squad status.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break! Do they really think they care? Its nonsense, maybe if Ibra plays REALLY good this coming season this kind of talk is justified, but for now its complete nonsense.
For me its still:
1. Messi
2. Iniesta
3. Xavi

And maybe Ibahimovic is coming then, but im not sure, Puyol and Dani are good competitors too.

Anyways, stop this talk already!

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