Friday, 31 July 2009

Barcelona could sign no more players this summer

Asked about the rest of the transfer summer, Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola has told journalists in the United States that it's possible Barcelona won't be signing any more players:

"The market is still open, but it's very complicated. Ferguson has said that it's a year to keep your money in your pockets and maybe we'll consider doing that.

If it's not possible to sign more players, then we won't sign any. It's an option, although I hope that at the end of August, people will take clear positions. We're rich but not as rich as others. Depending on the money we have, we'll look at our options. But our foundations are very strong and the youth is coming through."

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Keenan said...

" But our foundations are very strong and the youth is coming through."


we're good enough.

Mido said...

I agree with you keenan we are good enough and should madrid sign ribery_alonso and anyone else we are still better than them I dont think we should sign a DM to play for 5 matches in ACN while we have Marquez_rueda_Vicsanchez to be backup for Busquetes maybe nthey are not good enough but they are only backup in ACN and iwe really dont need a CB we have excellent 3 CB(puyol_marquez_pique) and another good options like henrique_fontas_muniesa the only position I would like to get is Lw bec we dont have a pure LW maybe if Jeffren can impress we should save money(although he didnt impress me)so I say save our money and maybe wa buy a LW if an excellent one is available for the right price(doesnt seem happening)and I think pep is too wise and thats why laporta recommended him to be barca president bec he is wise especially in financial things so I say No more signings and next summer lets go for Fabregas_Dimaria(will be excellent winger with time)or any other Lw sorry for tall comment and maybe bad language

kranki said...

I think this might really be a problem in our midfield, especially if Guddy leaves which looks very likely to me. If that is the case here is the list of Midfielders we have


Yaya and Keita will be gone for ACN which means they won't be able to play about 5 games

Marquez may be needed as a CB since he was our most consistent CB last season.

That leaves Busquets/Xavi/Iniesta/VicSan.

That is not much cover, especially if Xavi or Iniesta are injured during this time (Iniesta had lots of injury problems last season). I believe that we may not need to replace Hleb, but if we loose Hleb+Guddy then it is needed. Hopefully with someone more experienced and relatively low cost ( I don't believe Mascherano is affordable enough for Barca)

Marc4barca said...

well it wouldn't be bad to stop signing players this transfer season as real Madrid continue to spend big which means people will continue to ask big. next year real won't be so active in the market whether their season is good or not and that's when we should start spending. cesc will become much cheaper next season as arsenal won't win anything and if mascherano is so excited about barcelona then he will push a move next year as well and rafa will sell for less if he has a replacement in mind and as for chygrynski, joining barca has become very tough even for next year cause if henrique muniesa and caceres(at juve) play to their best and consistently then the option of cb becomes irrelevant which is good for us since we won't have to pay 20+ mil for a defender.

this just leaves us with the LW problem which isn't a problem now but will be next year. ribery is set for real madrid...right. i say fuck what he said and fuck what the media said. in football people say stuff and do differently, ribery is still an option and we have a whole year to convince him... treble again anyone?? if ribery doesn't work then i don't mind taking another shot at villa as valencia will still be in debt facing the same problems as this year and you can bet if they fail to qualify for cl for a third straight year villa will be out of valencia whether they like it or not and to me his only destination is barcelona, why you ask?? if ribery doesn't come barca then he is in madrid and madrid won't and can't sign both ribery and villa after what they spent this year.

so barca could be looking this next year


there's the 25 man squad for la liga and with that squad the rotation is endless. it may seem like a real madrid team but there is still alot of youths.

Anonymous said...

To all the idiots saying, well we have Marquez to back up for DM. What do we do if he gets injured as usual?

¡Yo Soy Culé! said...

Barça will sign another player or two. Pep isn't really giving anything away. As per usual :)

Anonymous said...

Ladies,keep it short and sweet:D

Anonymous said...

If Marquez is injured,we have...gasp...Busquets

buj said...

Again... Viera will be good for DM. He will be cheap. We only need him as backup for when Yaya plays CM. Ofcourse he will not be a starter as Pep wants it but he has all the qualities and experience. Anyway he's only for Busquets backup/substitute, who should be first choice, either to give a different dimension to our gameplan or becoz of injury/fatigue.

Anonymous said...

Disaster! Who are we going to play when Ibra, Henry and Messi are all out? Pedro, Bojan and Gai against Chelsea and Real Madrid?

Helge said...

lol, are you for real, Anonymous?

Who is ManUtd going to field if Berbatov, Rooney and Owen are out? Macheda, Welbeck and Obertan. Do you think that's any better?
Or Real Madrid without CR94, Benzema and Higuain -> Raul, maybe Negredo.

About Pep's words: He's talking about we are not that rich... well, at least we are not in debt. I guess there is only one team, ManCity, which has more money than Barca. All the other so called "rich" teams like Real Madrid, Inter Milan, AC Milan etc. have 100s of millions debt.

HOSNI said...

barça has a debt of 190 millions euros ,but it is still far from the real madrid debt : arround 530 millions euros...

Anonymous said...

@hosni: barca has not a debt of 190m, when you look at the official site there is written that we have a debt around 20-40m. i dont know exactly! but i dont have the link to that site anymore, maybe someone else here!

ograsrot said...

Actually should Real have CR9, Benzema and Higuin out they can put Raul, Nistelrooy and Huntelaar in - and also what you call him, negredo? =)

Their team suck big time, put they do have a deep bench...

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