Friday, 31 July 2009

Mallorca could appeal Eto'o transfer valuation

Balearic Islands regional sports site Balear Esports claims that Spanish first division club Mallorca could appeal the valuation given to foremr Barcelona player Samuel Eto'o earlier this week and take the case to the international football association FIFA.

Barcelona and Inter Milan valued the transfer of Eto'o, which was part of the deal on Inter Milan forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic joining Barcelona, at 20 million euro (read more here).

FIFA rules state that five per cent of a transfer fee should go to the clubs where the player has played before he turned 23. In this case, one million euro would be divided among four clubs (Real Madrid, Leganés, Espanyol and Mallorca). Mallorca would get 450 000 euro, which would be less than the club had expected.

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Niic said...

i tink all dem rules ar stupid

Anonymous said...


good luck greedy bastards.

Anonymous said...


fcbee said...

It's not just divided by four, it depends on the time he played with the different teams.

skanjos said...

everyone wants a piece of the pie.....

buj said...

Way to go for building a good rapport with a club that is known for its generosity in willing to loan promising youth player, even to the extent of paying part or their whole salary. I guess mallorca can be scratched from that friendly club list now.

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