Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Possible first option on two Benfica players

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona is interested in Benfica left winger and Argentinian international Angel Di María (21 - picture) and Benfica central defender David Luiz (22).

Based upon Portuguese sources, the paper reports that Barcelona might have found an agreement with Benfica on a first option to buy the two players. Although Benfica is not planning to sell the Argentinian and the Brazilian this summer, this could change if a good offer comes in.

The deal would be part of the loan of Barcelona player Keirrison to Benfica, that would also pay the full salary of the Brazilian striker (read more here).

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barca nike said...

get them both in one deal

barca nike said...

David Luiz last year played most of the matches at left-back.

fcbee said...

Guardiola reall has a centre-back obsession, if you ask me.

Di Maria would be a nice addition if we could get him for like 15 millions, 20 at the most, but don't know if they would accept that and if we can pay that. And he would block Jeffren and Pedro of course.

Anonymous said...

15-20m for Di Maria is unacceptable price. Too much! And I agree regarding the centre back obsession. There are many good centre backs in our youth system now, with Botia on loan, Muniesa and Fontas, and we already have 4 centre backs, in addition to Milito and Caceres.

What Pep sees, is that he really wants Yaya away from the defensive midfield and play more offensive, with Marquez competing with Busquets in the middle.

SJP said...

i could understand the CB issue until i saw muneisa and fontas play, they are perfect for back up as they know our system.

di maria would be a good signing as at the moment bojan and henry are the 1st choice/back ups for two position LW and CF. getting him would allow iniesta to stay in mid. pedro will be back up on the right and jeffren needs to go on loan so this could save us buying an expensive CM.

OLALEKAN said...

we dont to go for any center back,but i know di maria very well he is a talented player BUT we should not bring him in at any prise.we have players to cover for henry when ever needed.bojan,gai and pedro/jeff.even rochina can do a nice job on the flank.

Scott said...

these players, gai,pedro,jeffren, I think they would have a hard time getting many minutes even for a mid-table team. None of them really stand out as anything special. Gai is younger than the other two of course, but still, he is not better than them currently, and I don't think neither Pedro nor Jeffren have a long future with us.

Anonymous said...

i like dimaria but i think we should noit pay more than 7 M


Xaviniesta said...

oh wow di maria would be good!

Anonymous said...

fron our youth the one who most impressed me is dos santos.

gai shuold have his chance with dossantos in catalan cup ..and in copa del rey and we will see.

the main job should be teaching bojan to play as LW since with ibra staying for atleast 3-4 years he need to be our LW .
The most important thing is to bring cambiasso to barca.

i think he will be the best option , he can sub tour and xavi and even iniesta and he is wonderful for teams with short one touch passes .



sad that aguero not coming :((

Anonymous said...

barcelolna r gonna put marquez as a DM nd loan caceres nd get chygrynskiy nd david luiz nd for LW di maria gd option for those 2 benfica players 35 to 40m maximum but thats a lil 2 much but that would be nice nd di maria can improve in barca they should get di maria or juan mata thats what i suggest good luck for barca

Anonymous said...

I saw Di Maria a few times with Argentina . He would be a good addition to the squad . Some people are concerned about the progress of our youth players if we keep signing young players from other clbs . That is a valid point but we do NOT have ANY youth player who can step in at LW now. Di Maria is ready to start . I would start him over Henry !!

jordy said...

pff centre backs..
botia will do well, muniesa is a big talent, puyol is good for 3 more years, we've got pique for 10 years, milito will come back eventually, marquez for another 3 years and i still believe very strongly in caceres.
what the hell :) the only thing you can say is that the majority (except muniesa and milito) are right footed.
but i think we can say:
Di maria is maybe just for in case gai doesn't come through. henry is aging. next year we need someone on the left wing. it will probably be v persie if you see the rate arsenal is selling with:)

Barca Brn said...

Actually for the point you just made Jordy, WE DO NEED A CENTRE BACK.

From what I heard Gurdiola is desperate to have a centre back that is left footed, and proof for that all the Centre Backs we have been linked with ARE LEFT FOOTED. It makes sense to me since Milito is not going to be fit anytime soon and Muniesa does not have the experience required.

When it comes to the Left Wing, Jeferren is good but not Barcelona class, pedro MAYBE only time will prove, but that doesn't mean our youth system is underperforming.
Wait until Thiago Alcantra, Gay Assullin, and Jonathan Dos Santos fully develop, not to mention the youngsters that have been robbed my English Clubs!

Giovanni Dos Santos has been impressive with Mexico lately, Do we have a buy back option on him ???

Sanur said...

Barca Brn..

Spot on except I really like Gourcuff of Bordeux to be an option for next season (he could be the new Ribery and last for a good few years).

lawrenzo loves barca said...

i perfectly believe that di maria will be a great addition to our squad but at the moment i dont think he should be a priority since we rather need a center back or a DM,i think yaya should be made to play in role that suits him best.

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