Saturday, 1 August 2009

Looking forward to the last transfer window month

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo looks ahead to the last month of the summer transfer window.

Central defender
With the transfer of Shakhtar Donetsk defender and Ukrainian international Dmytro Chygrynskiy (22) having become unlikely because of the player's participation in a Champions league qualifying game, Barcelona could decide not to sign another centre-back and to count on Henrique and youth players Muniesa or Fontàs.

Signing another midfielder seems at this moment the priority of the club, with Liverpool defensive midfielder and Argentine international Javier Mascherano (25) and Arsenal midfielder and Spanish international Cesc Fàbregas (22) on top of the list. A player with a back-up profile like Poulsen is not an option.

Left winger
With a transfer of main target Franck Ribéry not being possible, a transfer of a left winger is not a priority because the alternatives don't convince. Valencia left wing attacker and Spanish international Juan Mata (21) could be an option if he cannot reach a renewal agreement with Valencia this summer. Other rumoured options like Di María, Robinho or Arshavin seem far off at this moment. Homegrown players Pedro, Jeffren or Gai are expected to get their chances.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with this. A super central midfielder is the way to go. It will give us plenty of options, when we can use Yaya in a more offensive role and get the most out of his amazing shooting, passing and dribbling. Iniesta on the wing. I say go for De Rossi if we can't get Mascherano.

Imperial hi50 said...

Another defensive midfielder would be nice, but remember that we have Rafa. He has always been strong in the air and on top of that he can pass the ball well, so filling the defensive mid would not seem to be a problem. I also think Pique is just like Rafa, but with more potential because of his youth.

I would be more worried that Xavi or Iniesta would get hurt and we are lacking in the attacking midfield. I would love to see Cesc, but his price tag may be too much for Barca to spend.

Masch would be an awesome buy though. That guy is tough as nails. My only concern is that he is not that tall, but I have not really watched him play so I have no idea how he handles balls in the air.

These are just my OPINIONS. We all have to trust the current administration that won us the treble.


semko said...

Qoute of the day:
Gianluca Zambrotta:
I've been lucky enough to play alongside Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldinho and Kaka. But I've never seen anyone do things with the ball like Lionel Messi. He is simply incredible.

fcbee said...

Too late, semko:

marcelito said...


sounds good to me =D

buj said...

For my money, if the board were to take in another player, it would be what Pep G's asked for i.e Masch.

As he said with Yaya pushing forward, Iniesta will move to the LW, Masch ofcourse plays DM.

But should that don't happen, I still think he'll use that offensive option from time to time just to offset opposing teams gameplan, probably using Busquets or Marquez as DM.

As for future transfers while giving time for our youths to develop, I would like to see a back-up for Messi, a RW and for Xavi, Cesc is perfect but not until his contract is about to expire or that he sent in a transfer request or better still a free transfer, which by that time Xavi would be some 33-34 y.o. and him 26-27 y.o.

Unless one each of our youth successfully backs-up Messi and Xavi within next season or two, we just have to find players who can fill in that role in case of injury and fatigue.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

I too agree with most of the comments here. Since there is no real quality option available at LAM. We should try bolster the midfield and give Gai a chance in that position along with Henry and Iniesta rotating.

But here is the problem. Masch and Cesc aren't going to be cheap. By selling Guddy we wont even be able to buy their shoe laces. What options do we then have? Xavi Martinez is a great option at a reasonable price.

If we don't want to break the bank we should get him as he has allot of potential.

HouseMD said...

Central defender: no need for further buying. Full-backs are covered and have their replacements + Henrique is back and Muniesa deserves his chance. Who knows, maybe Milito will be ready soon.

Midfielder: Benitez will ask very much (40M) for Mascherano and won't let him go. The main reason is that he'll loose Xabi to RM as well. The same for Cesc. Very expensive and after selling Adebayor and Kolo, Wenger will start to buy the new players. Like I said a few days before (just like everyone else) Marquez could cover DM position during ACN along with Sergi.

Left wing: Ribery won't come. It's just Mata left on the list. I hope Barca can get him.

Anonymous said...

Why dont barca try to sign Veiera from Inter. In know he's 33, but he could provide cover for yaya as well teach busquets??

Amir said...

get hulk!! for god's sake!!
he's in great shape + bright future!!

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